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Most stories with dragons are not really about the dragons. They’re mostly about people, and the dragons are either 1) monsters to fight or run from, or 2) friends who help the people, or 3) hapless victims that the people rescue. (Dragons, hapless? No way! But in those stories, the dragons are usually babies.)

I was already writing for kids, but I wanted to write something longer, like a novel. While I was looking around for ideas, I had a vivid dream where a group of young dragons were trying to escape some humans who wanted to train them as weapons of war.

I thought about that dream a lot and started to develop the ideas that became my novel, Masters of Air & Fire. A lot of things changed, but I kept coming back to the idea that the story should be about the dragons. Humans could be there, but they wouldn’t be in charge. The story would be about this family of dragons and how they survive without their mother.

I went through a bunch of drafts, and the story changed a lot. I changed from first person to third person. It grew from a short story to a novel. There were lots of ideas I kept, a few I took out, and some I added when I thought I was already done.

Finally, it was ready to submit for publication. Alas, I haven’t been able to find an editor who wanted to publish it. (The writing career is like that.) But I still believe in my wyrmlings, Orlik, Romik and Yazka. I want to share my story, Masters of Air & Fire, with kids everywhere.

So I’ve started teaching myself how to record my voice and add in music to make a podcast. There’s still a lot for me to learn, but as soon as I have it online, I’ll anounce it and put in a link. Then you’ll be able to listen to me read Masters of Air & Fire. And you can experience what it might be like to fly like a dragon!


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Why am I writing a blog about dragons? Because they’re so cool, of course.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved stories with dragons in them. They’re so big and tough. They can breathe fire. They can fly! (Didn’t you always want to fly?)

Okay, I was never so into the maiden-eating thing, being a maiden myself. Putting that aside… what’s not to like?

All over the world, people have legends about dragons. Some are fearsome monsters. Some are wise nature spirits. Some can change their form and walk among humans. Some have an intimate bond with riders, sharing all their joys and fears, defending the people they love. 

Dragons are beautiful and terrible. They touch something deep inside me. That’s why I can’t stop reading about them. Now that I’m a writer, those dragons keep finding their way into my stories, too.

Now I would like to hear from you readers, especially from kids. What do you love about dragons, and what makes you keep reading about them?

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