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I’ve been investigating Welsh folklore the past week or so, due to a short story I’m writing. As part of that, I discovered a pair of large dragon sculptures being unveiled for St. David’s Day.

St. David’s Day is the national holiday of Wales, celebrated on March 1st each year. St. David was born in Wales and died there on March 1, 589. The anniversary is celebrated by wearing daffodils and leeks, meals featuring traditional foods such as rarebit, and wearing the national costume. For women, this includes a wool skirt and bodice called a bedgown, with a scarf over the shoulders and neck, and a distinctive hat somewhat like a stovepipe hat but narrower toward the top. Men wear a more generic outfit of breeches and waistcoat.

In recent decades, celebrations include parades and other festivities. Which brings us to the dragons. In 2016, the heritage organization Cadw unveiled a giant-sized dragon sculpture complete with steam jets. “Dewi” attracted crowds all over Wales. This year, Dewi has a new friend, a female dragon named “Dwynwen.” Dwynwen is more lavender compared to Dewi’s red. Both are sculpted out of fiberglass.

The pair are shown “cwtching,” or cuddling, at Caernarfon Castle. They will be there all March and then begin their tour of Wales. You can see images and watch a pair of short videos here.

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