I mentioned last month that a story of mine will be in Sky Warrior’s anthology, The Dragon’s Hoard. What I didn’t say then (because contracts hadn’t been signed) is that I’m also going to edit an anthology for them! This will be my first anthology ever, and I’m excited about learning a new side of the industry.

The tentative title is Wee Folk and Wise, and it’s about fairies. As the guidelines say, “Fairies. Big fairies and little fairies. Ugly fairies and pretty fairies. Wise fairies and silly fairies. Sweet fairies and scary fairies. Tell us your story about fairies, 2000-6500 words.”

I know several writers follow my blog, so if you’re interested in submitting or just following the process, we have a Facebook group, Wee Folk Anthology. Ask, and ye shall be added to the group.

On a related note, I’m figuring out how to publish a short story on Twitter as my spring break project. Any advice on apps to use in scheduling the tweets? I’d love to hear from you. Or if you want to get the story, follow me @DebyFredericks.

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