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Here’s a fun debut novel that mashes up Chinese folklore, urban fantasy, comic book heroes and martial arts adventure in a lively package. The main character is Missy Masters, street magician and descendant of a famous super-hero, Mr. Mystic. Good old grandpa has been missing for a while when Missy suddenly inherits his powers. She can control shadows and travel through a mysterious Shadow Realm inhabited by demonic beings who really want a yummy human snack.

Missy attempts to take up her grandfather’s name and career, but discovers  how difficult the life can be. After barely escaping a super-battle, she heads out to China in hopes of finding the immortal dragon who once trained her grandfather. She does, and then becomes embroiled in the complicated dynamics of a dragon court where the most powerful beings have very little use for humans.

The plot braids together two stories, “then” (her years in China) and “now,” her life since returning to San Francisco. There’s plenty to enjoy in the martial-arts battles, scary-cool creatures from Chinese myth, a slightly scary super-hero organization, and the race to save the world from an evil dragon, Lung Di.

It’s a fun read, with lots of banter, moderate violence and sex. If you like urban fantasy or martial arts, this one is worth checking out.


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