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We’re starting things off with Amberley Martin, whose character Rory is visiting from the fairy tale inspired fantasy, The Rogue and the Peasant.

Rory perched on the window sill, staring down on the growing crowd. Maybe he should have come in through the door — maybe he should have worn something nicer than the black leather trousers and vest he always travelled in — but he hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that this was merely another one of the fairy godmother’s tricks. But it really did look like a ball, and he certainly didn’t want to offend Queen Titania. He jumped down from the sill, straightened his vest, and strode across the room to present himself to the queen.

Character Questions

Who are the most dangerous people in your world? In the Seven Realms, the person you shouldn’t cross is the fairy godmother. She has so much magic that no one can rival her, she knows more than she should, and she plays with people like they’re pieces on a chess board. How do I know all this? I’ve been working for her for the past five years.

Who is your best friend? Oh, um, I didn’t have friends growing up, only cousins, and they didn’t really like me. But I have Aldermane, my horse. She has been acting rather strangely lately. More self aware than a horse has a right to be. And she’s not reserved about communicating her opinions. Especially when she thinks I’m in the wrong. Which is often.

Author Questions

Is the landscape important in telling your stories? How do you use it? Because my stories are fairytale fantasies, the landscape is very important to set the mood. Dark, dangerous forests. Pastoral settings. Cozy cottages, grand palaces, and enchanted castles all help to reflect the journey the characters go through.

When did you know you were a writer? I started writing when I was about 10, but back then, I didn’t think little girls like me could be authors. But I had so many ideas in my head that I had to keep writing them down, and as I got older and started to meet other writers, I knew I would always be one whether I ever got published or not.

The Rogue and the Peasant

Everyone knows a girl locked in a tower is supposed to wait for a prince — but that isn’t the destiny this girl has in mind. Esme’s life has been filled with secrets. Her mother says she’s destined to be a queen, but she won’t say when. Or how. Or who Esme’s father is. When Esme’s imprisoned by the evil fairy godmother, she only has more questions. Who is the young man guarding her? Why is he so interested in her father’s identity? And can she convince him to help her escape before she’s forced to marry whichever self-absorbed prince with a hero complex turns up to rescue her?

Since his father’s murder, Rory’s life has depended on keeping his identity secret. Working for the fairy godmother seems like a fair trade for his safety, until he’s sent to kidnap a girl who wears his family ring, a girl his father’s ghost is suspiciously quiet about. Unraveling their connection might do more than save them both from the fairy godmother. It might save the fate of an entire queendom.

But can Esme achieve her destiny when Rory’s trying to avoid his own?

Purchase link: https://books2read.com/rogue-peasant
Website: https://www.amberleymartin.com/

About Amberley Martin

Amberley Martin is an author from Aotearoa New Zealand. She enjoys baking cookies and drinking tea and can often be found escaping to fantasy worlds.

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