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Coming up on January 16th, it’s Appreciate a Dragon Day! In the spirit of the commemoration, I here offer ten things we should appreciate about our dragons.

10) Dragons are great and faithful guardians, whether you’re protecting a sacred artifact or some foolish enemy has threatened your family. They hardly ever eat their owners.

9) The lair is always toasty warm, even in the hearth of winter.

8) Dragons are excellent bankers. However, clients who default on their loans will be eaten.

7) Other monsters will never dare to attack you. Even some godlings will think twice.

6) Dragons are very wise and give excellent advice no matter how often you ignore it. There’s no better tutor for a future dictator or master wizard.

5) They are long-lived and can carry out your revenge for generations.

4) Dragons are very effective for clearing forests to plant new crops, or making sure enemy strongholds are properly razed.

3) They can eat anything, from thieving goblins to political prisoners to swamp demons.

2) Dragons are practically indestructible and can do battle under the most extreme conditions. Land, air or sea? Glacier or desert? No problem!

1) Incomparable beauty and terror. Dragons are the ultimate symbol of power, whether worldly or spiritual.

There you have it — all the great things to appreciate about our wonderful dragon friends!

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