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Last time, I mentioned that I’m trying to devise a suitable title for my current novella in the Minstrels of Skaythe series. But after I got done with that blog post, I realized I might not have to work so hard.

“There’s probably an app for that,” I said to myself. And I was right!

This one, on Reedsy, offers you a title if you haven’t even started writing. It shows an option for if you have already written your book, but gives no way to enter any keywords that would make the title relevant to that book. This one, at Fantasy Name Generator, gives you a list of ten possible titles, but again offers no way to use your own subject matter.

This held true of every title generator I could find out there. Although I could generate random titles as a way to spark inspiration, I guess for my actual WIP I’m gonna have to do the hard work myself.

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How do you decide what to call your book? For some of us, this can be almost as difficult as actually writing the story. This matters to me, because I frequently tweet about the status of my WIP, and it helps me tie those together if I know what the title is going to be.

I suppose one thing that might help is to walk through a bookstore and see what kinds of titles are being used. You can also search online, of course. Certain trends will jump out right away.

Currently, there are a lot of book titles that are some form of “the Thing of This and That.” For example, the popular series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. These kinds of titles have an interesting flow, but there are so many using that format already that I wouldn’t want to go that route.

There also are a lot of titles that are just one word. Jaws and the YA novel Crank are both strong one-word titles. There might be two words, as in The Firm, or three (including ‘the’ as a word) as in The Dragonbone Chair and The Dark Tower.

Some are like, “The Thing’s Thing.” The Ranger’s Apprentice is a well known juvenile series. There’s also my own The Magister’s Mask. Then you have “The Thing of the Thing,” made famous by The Lord of the Rings.

For me, I really want to have a strong rhythm, while at the same time saying something accurate and engaging about the book. The Seven Exalted Orders is one of my favorite titles. For my current WIP, I really only know the location of the story, a place called Fang Marsh. So I’m tweeting about Fang Marsh, but ultimately I think I’ll need a little more than that for a title.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think makes a great book title, and how you create good titles for your own work.

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