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It’s been a good while since I covered this topic, but here’s an awe-inspiring statue of a dragon located at Wat Sampran Temple in Thailand. What I love is how it doesn’t just stand or sit majestically, but dynamically climbs and wraps itself around the tower.


Wat Sampran is a striking symbol for modern Thailand. It’s huge and splashy, visible for miles around, a sure draw for tourists. Yet it is also a working temple where Buddhist monks study and worship. Every part of it is based on Buddhist traditions. To quote the tourism website Life SE Asian Magazine:

“…80 meters high as the age of the Buddha, There are 16 storey … as heaven 16 heavens. … About the red color. The Chinese believe that red Color of bringing fortune.  Thai people believe The color of sacrifice and unity. …

“Dragons is meaning represent the strong, ascendancy high very halo are resolute, courage. Antique Chinese person used as a symbol of the Emperor. Dragon is entwined a the building the Buddhist monk from 1 story to 16 storey is meaning to The circulation of the low perspective to high perspective bores by take 108 with preaching by 108 monks to the nirvana in the heaven. Green dragon scales, gold bars is a peacefulness as a shade of the trees. Fins and tail of the dragon is the compulsion,  poised to go the right direction and is a weapon for protect dangerous. Legs, fingers and nails dragon is moving towards the direction of greatness and captured, the braced, firmly without falling.”

Despite the struggle with English language, there’s a poetic grandeur to this description. Wat Sampran is definitely on my “I want to go there someday” list.

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