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Kelly “Thorn” Henderschott is here today, from Sheryl R. Hayes’ urban fantasy, Chaos Hunt.

“Mr. Kelly Henderschott of the Conclave of Rancho Robles.”

Thorn bit the inside of his cheek as the butler announced his entrance into the ballroom. What possessed me to choose that name for this identity? He must have been drunk at the time.

He made his way to the Faerie Queen and bowed low. “Queen Titania, Elder Marcus sends his greetings. He regrets that he is unable to attend in person and has sent me in his place.”

“Yes, I do know Jordan Abbey. I heard that she made an impression on the Court. Elder Marcus specifically requested that I tender apologies necessary for her behavior.”

“Yes, she is living up to her title of Chaos Wolf, much to everyone’s chagrin. She still prefers the company of vampires and refuses to have anything to do with the Black Oak Pack. I can’t blame her because one of the younger members of the pack bullies her and the Alpha Wolf refuses to do anything about it. Personally, Montgomery and I have a wager about when Jordan finally decides she’s had enough and about how much damage she’ll do.”

“I can neither confirm nor deny the recent deaths in Rancho Robles, nor Jordan’s involvement in the situation.” He smiled. “But if you are curious about her latest misadventures, I can tell you about her attempt to find a lost dog…”

Character Questions

Who are the most dangerous people in your world? You wouldn’t believe it to look at them, but that would be Jordan and Mac. She’s a werewolf who has chosen not to follow the Pack Traditions. He’s the vampire who enables her. Neither of them seem to realize what a dangerous game they are playing. And I’m afraid it’s going to come back to bite them both.

What kinds of things do your people like to eat? I’m a vampire. My dietary options are pretty limited. But I do prefer a good human B- when I have the choice.

Author Questions

How do you handle multiple points of view in a story? Each POV gets their own chapter. The majority of the chapters will be from the POV of the main character, but there will be several from secondary characters for necessary information that the main one has no way of knowing.

If you could travel anywhere in the world (assuming complete safety) where would you go and why? The question is where wouldn’t I go? If money and were no object and my safety guaranteed, I would love to do a worldwide tour visiting every country and continent.

Chaos Hunt

Werewolves are apex predators. So why does she feel like prey? Territory, honor, the trust of her peers – Jordan Abbey has earned none of these from the supernatural residents of Rancho Robles. The werewolves shun Jordan as a creature without honor for siding with the vampires. The vampires dismiss Jordan as an unruly pet who needs to be kept on a much shorter leash. Chased out of the wilderness and not allowed to shift within the city, she is without any place for her inner wolf to run free.

Someone is killing the servants of vampires. Soon vampires themselves fall victim. Each attack is linked directly to Jordan, fueling rumors that she is working to undermine the vampires’ grip on the city. The werewolves dog her steps, harassing her whenever and wherever they can.

Then, in the heart of vampire territory, the corpse of a werewolf who bullied Jordan is discovered. The children of the Wolf and the Bat are ready to go to war, and Jordan is caught squarely in the crossfire. Can one woman prevent the annihilation of the only place she calls home?

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