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Today we’re joined by Sheryl R. Hayes, with her urban fantasy, Chaos Wolf. Seems like her character, Jordan Abbey, is in a truly “hairy” situation.

Jordan Abbey paused at the entrance to the great hall. She didn’t think she would have the chance to wear this green silk mermaid dress and matching heels again, given the tendency for vampires to dress their servants in a different finery each time they gathered. She closed her brown eyes, drawing in a deep breath and squaring her shoulders. “Just like when Montgomery introduced you to Elder Marcus.” And just like when she met the vampire ruling the city of Rancho Robles, she stepped into the hall with a confidence she didn’t feel.

Character Questions

Are there intelligent races other than yours, and do they get along? Well, there are humans, which I used to be one until that werewolf bit me. I didn’t even know they were real, let alone one was stalking me. Montgomery, the vampire who saw it happen, should have either left me to my fate or handed me over to the Black Oak Pack. Instead, he took me in and offered to help me. Very unusual since vampires and werewolves can’t stand each other.

Are you an insider or an outsider in your homeland? Definitely an outsider. Most of the vampires think I’m a threat and some sort of sleeper agent for the Black Oak Pack. The werewolves think I’m insane for rejecting a place in the pack and choosing to live with a vampire. Plus I have a steep learning curve for both cultures since humans don’t know that they are real.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? I’ve enjoyed reading urban fantasy stories. But the one thing that frustrated me is that while vampires and werewolves did not like each other, no book I read ever delved into why. I decided that I wanted to tell that story, and it made sense to do it in a modern setting.

Why do you write? I’ve always told stories since I was a child. Mostly I told them to myself, until I discovered fanfiction. From there I branched out into original fiction. So I’m still telling stories to a different audience.

Chaos Wolf

Bitten by a werewolf. Taught by a vampire. At this rate, she’s going to start a war. Literature major Jordan Abbey ordered a double mocha latte, but it wasn’t supposed to come with a side order bite by a love-sick werewolf. When a vampire comes to her rescue, gut instinct tells her he has questionable motives. But he’s the only one she can trust to help get in touch with her inner animal. Within a week, her smart mouth lands her in trouble with the hostile Alpha of the local pack and the stiff-necked vampire Elder. She now has less than a moon cycle to master shape changing… or else. And the besotted werewolf who started this whole mess is stalking Jordan and killing her friends. He won’t take no for an answer. In the Northern California town of Rancho Robles, where the children of the Wolf and the Bat share an uneasy coexistence, one woman makes an epic mess of the status quo.

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