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About a month ago, I mentioned that Spokane is hosting the Washington State Chinese Lantern Festival. I was longing to go, but money and schedules conspired against me. Fortunately, the festival was so successful that they extended it another two weeks. I was able to go last weekend with my husband, daughter, and some good friends.

So, how was it? A little pricey, I must admit, but it was also lovely and very cool, and I’m glad we found the time. In daytime the lanterns appeared almost too colorful, but when we went in the evening they had a beautiful glow. The weather was unusually warm for early November, and that made it a more pleasant experience.

There was a good variety of subject matter, including flowers, fish, insects, and animals, plus several large pagodas and similar structures. Some were arranged in arrays of lanterns, which carried quite a punch.

In addition to the lanterns, there was about a half-hour long stage show with folk dances, funny clowns and an acrobat. They had a small but amazing display of replicas from the famous tomb of terracotta warriors, plus a number of bronzes from different eras.

Previously I mentioned the big Asian dragon lantern, which was closer to 100 feet long than the 40 feet I had guessed. There were a few smaller dragons, too. Some of these were Western-style dragons, and some were more cartoonish/anime types. Curiously enough, they were displayed along with the dinosaurs.

If you’re interested, here’s a photo book, sponsored by a local TV station, showing almost all the lanterns.

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