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Lyan drew a deep breath and straightened, fighting back a surge of anxiety as he tucked a wisp of red hair back into his braid. He wished that Cailean had been invited as well. The human lord could have offered Lyan advice on how to act properly in a court, and at a ball. Unfortunately, the invitation had come to Lyan alone, and while he might not be versed in court protocol, he knew better than to bring an uninvited extra. He’d dressed in his best, but a glance at the people around him left him feeling horribly under-dressed. His only jewelry was an ear cuff of delicate silver wires that curled up the length of his left ear. Silver embroidery glittered on his forest green tunic, paired with black pants and a pair of short black boots. Steeling himself, he strode to the gate to present his invitation.

Character Questions

What is your role in the world of your book?
I am the astrologer of my home, Heartshrine Village. I read the fortunes of my fellow villagers at their request, and in turn, they ensure that I have food, clothing, and other necessities. I am also a scholar—the study of the stars naturally led me to the study of other subjects.

In your world, which has the most lasting impact – a wish or a curse?
A curse. A wish has no real power—I’ve certainly never heard of any being, mortal or divine, that grants wishes freely. A curse, however, can be laid by someone blessed by their god with power. The strength and effects of the curse depend on how much power the god has granted their servant.

Is there a fantasy trope that you would like to NEVER see again?
If I had my way, I’d never face the trope of “a former enemy becomes an ally to defeat some greater threat.” There are certain enemies who I never want to see again, much less be forced to ally with.

Author Questions

How much to you plan ahead of time, vs. following the story where it leads?
I generally start with a vague idea and an opening scene, then follow that to see where it leads me. However, I have also learned that if I do not have a clear idea of the overall story by the time I am about fifty pages in (often less), there’s a good chance that the story is not going to go anywhere. At least, not now.

Are your books self-published or traditionally published, and why did you choose that route into print?
At present, my books are self-published. The Chosen of the Spears series was originally being published by a small press. However, I had some challenges with that press, and we agreed to part ways, so now I am releasing them myself. I already had some experience with self-publishing with Winterlight, the first book of my steampunk-style fantasy series.

Do you belong to a critique group or other writing organization?
I am currently a part of two local groups that focus primarily on writing, and one that focuses on critiques. I’m not currently a member of any larger writing organizations.

Shrouded Sky

To fight a mad god.

Monsters stalk the paths and clouds hide the sky every night. Now Lyan, astrologer of Heartshrine Village, must leave his familiar forest and home to seek an ancient, powerful weapon: Equinox, Spear of the Stars. In the right hands, Equinox and its brother Solstice are powerful weapons against the forces of the Mad God, Murdo. In the wrong hands, they could free Murdo from centuries of imprisonment and release him upon the world once more.

In the company of the traditional enemies of his people, Lyan must solve an ancient riddle and find the hidden Shrine of Equinox to protect the Spear from the Mad God. A cunning monster stalks them, and assassins lurk in shadows. As Murdo’s forces draw close and suspicion festers within their group, Lyan and his companions must forge an uneasy truce and rely on each other. And even if they find Equinox, someone must conquer its trials to claim it, or they may never leave.

Available as an e-book or in print.

The Author

Sanan Kolva is a technical editor by day, and writer of epic and steampunk fantasy the rest of the time. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spears series and The Silverline Chronicles. Her short fiction appears in a number of anthologies. When not writing, she enjoys baking and decorating cakes, as well as appeasing her feline overlords. She can be found at https://sanankolva.com.

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