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It’s rare that my blog gets as much of a response as my post last Saturday, “This Never Happened.” I enjoyed the discourse very much. To thank you, especially my new followers, I’d like to reward you by sharing a Time Travel short story.

It’s not one of mine, though. Sorry.

“For the War Effort,” by Rachel Rodman. was published just this last January in my favorite online magazine, Daily Science Fiction. As the name implies, they present one short story every weekday. Mine come by e-mail, but there are other ways to subscribe. Their fee is ridiculously low, too.

Anyway, I hope you’ll take a look at Rodman’s somewhat horrific tale of a war in time.

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Today I’m talking about one of my favorite online magazines, Daily Science Fiction. As the name implies, they publish one story every day, five days a week. Their stories span the spectrum of the genre — science fiction, fantasy, horror, and odd things in between. The link above is to Friday’s story, a mother’s bittersweet take on Portal Fantasies. But every day is different, you never know what it will be, and for me that’s part of the pleasure.

Subscribing to Daily Science Fiction is free, and I’ve been getting their stories for three or four years now. Yet, despite being free to the reader, Daily Science Fiction is a paying market. They pay the SFWA standard. In fact, it’s one of my dream markets. Any time I write something that might fit their length, I submit to them first. So far, they haven’t taken anything of mine, but hope springs eternal. They say you should read the publications you want to sell to, after all.

You might see a small conflict here. The site pays writers, but readers don’t have to pay. Recently, they have begun asking for memberships. At $15 a year, it’s really cheap. So I’m urging you to check out Daily Science Fiction. Come for the free stories. Maybe you’ll stay for the membership, after all.

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