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Of course, when I arrived, they had to block my way, and demand to know who I was, and all that. I told them, and they laughed at me. I’m used to this. Nobody thinks an underweight female Dalmatian puppy wearing a monogrammed white T shirt is much of a threat. That is, until I start up my counterattack.

I growled very loudly at them, and they stopped.

“I was invited,” I said. “By your liege.”

They seemed confused.

“You know….Queen Titania. The woman who pays your salaries. The woman who owns this whole place, and is giving this shindig. The woman who could kill you if she so desires if you disobey her. That is, if I don’t do it MYSELF first!”

As I spat out the last sentence, I gave them a flash of my able-to-bite-through-anything-at-all fangs, and they finally got it. I was allowed to pass, and granted my audience with the Queen…

Character Questions

Is there something you are willing to die for?

I am prepared to lay down my life in practically any situation I am in, but most particularly those in which those of friends and allies are threatened. That is a burden anyone in my job must be prepared to accept if they choose to take this on.

Are there any fantastic beasts where you live?

Where I live, i.e. the community where I’m based as my secret identity, I’m the only “fantastic beast” I know of. However, in combat with some and through friendship with others, I know for certain that this is not the case elsewhere.

What is your magical weapon of choice?

It’s hard picking just one, but I would say my ability to hypnotize others, and have them act upon my commands. When my other powers fail me- and they have, sometimes — I can rely on that. Even my fellow heroine-friends are vulnerable to it, and they are, for the most part, nearly as indestructible as I am, so that’s saying something.

Author Questions

If you lived in the world of your book, who would you be?

The person the story is being told or dictated to, especially if it’s a first person narrative. In other words, a scribe, a copyist or an oral historian.

Are your books self-published or traditionally published, and why did you choose that route into print?

Both. Traditional for my non-fiction books, and largely, self-publishing for my fiction, since I haven’t had much success yet selling it in book form. The fact that I’ve made more money from my traditional book sales so far indicates that I haven’t succeeded in getting people interested in my fiction yet.

Is there a fantasy trope that you would like to NEVER see again?

I would like to see romance writers stop writing pseudo-speculative fiction narratives. Romance should just be an element of speculative fiction and not the raison d’etre.

Honey and Salt

Bravery comes in all forms: fighting bullies and fighting your own demons.
Honey and Salt is a superhero novella that will draw you in the just fight of a few super heroines. The story is packed with action and humor. Their quest against evil superheroes and against their own weaknesses is refreshing. You can identify with them and embrace their battles. Rousing fantasy action with amazing young girls ready to fight for justice and for the oppressed.

If you enjoy a good action with an unusual plot, then this is the book for you.

David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His published works include the non-fiction books America ‘Toons In: A History Of Television Animation (McFarland and Co.) and The Encyclopedia Of American Animated Television Shows (Rowman and Littlefield); as well as a number of speculative fiction collections and novellas. His short stories can be read on Curious Fictions at Curious Fictions/David Perlmutter, and at Medium. com. He can be reached on Facebook at DavidPerlmutterCanadianhistoryspecficwriter, Twitter at @DKPLJW1, and Tumblr at The Musings of David Perlmutter (yesdavidperlmutterfan), and can be supported at Patreon at www.patreon.com/davidperlmutter22 and at Ko-Fi at www.ko-fi.com/davidperlmutter.

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