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Digby Dragon is a cute animated show for pre-schoolers. It’s produced by the British studio Blue Zoo Productions and airs in the U. S. on the cable channel, Nick Jr. It’s been airing in the U. K. since 2014, but was only introduced to the U. S. last year.

Digby is a young dragon growing up in the fantasy land of Applecross Wood. He’s surrounded by friends, who include a fairy girl named Fizzy Izzy and a talking squirrel called Cheeky Chips. They often go up against some mildly naughty trolls and less friendly woodland creatures. Since it’s a British production, they all have charming accents (at least to American ears).

The action in the 20-minute episodes is fairly basic. Plots seem to deal as much with social challenges (taking turns) as with solving problems or fending off the trolls. Older viewers will find the show slow and overly simplistic. Still, if you have kids or grandkids of the appropriate age, it’s worth a look.

Sample episodes and a few supporting games are available on Digby’s site on Nick Jr, right here.


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