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It’s been hard to focus on dragons this week. Too much is going on in our nation’s capital (at least for those of us in the US) with our government at a stand-still. It’s maddening, no matter which side of the aisle you sit on. So, just for grins, I’m going to speculate on what kind of government it would be if DRAGONS ran it.

It could be a plutocracy (that is, rule by a wealthy few). After all, we know dragons love their hoards. They should enjoy having taxing authority.

It could be a geniocracy (rule by the smartest) or meritocracy (rule by those who score highest on exams) since at least some dragons of legend are highly intelligent.

It could be an oligarchy (rule by a minority of families and those connected to them). This is similar to aristocracy (rule by noble familes) except in an oligarchy you don’t have to be born into the ruling class. Most legends don’t describe a large number of dragons, but with their size, flight and breath weapons, they would certainly be able to dominate smaller races like humans, elves, etc.

Come to that, dragons could well govern by kratocracy (rule of the strongest). Dragon elections would be gladiatorial, with spectacular contests of flame or poison. If you recall Masters of Air & Fire, my podcast from 2011, this is similar to what the wyrms had in that story. They battled for territory, with the loser being driven away rather than killed.

Well, friends, what do you think? If DC stood for Dragon Country, would they rule by tooth and claw or the size of their hoards?

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