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My husband was clearing some things away in order to move a dresser, and look what he found!
It’s very nicely engraved glass, and neither of us has any memory of how we got it. His sister’s name is on the envelope, so perhaps she brought it back from one of her deployments.

At any rate, I went and got a frame the next day, so his “moon dragon” is now proudly displayed in a window near his computer.

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During the last week of school for 2015, I walked into the room where I was subbing and what did I see? Tyler D., hard at work.


Tyler was a freshman at North Central High School. He said that he drew this picture on the whiteboard during class about two weeks ago. He kept touching it up and it stayed there until the last day.

This kid has a lot of talent. I hope he’ll keep growing as an artist.

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I’ve been spotting lots of dragons lately! This is one of a pair that guards the entrance to the Spokane Bangkok Thai Restaurant, in the Riverwalk area. It is about 4 feet tall, with a metallic look, but I suspect it’s actually resin.

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