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You know what else? April is also National Parks Month! So here’s just one more limerick that includes the very first American national park.

Way down under Yellowstone Lake,
The dragons would have a clam bake.
The fire was so hot
That geysers were got;
Oh, those dragons of Yellowstone Lake!

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In case you haven’t figured it out, April is National Poetry Month. Hence, all the silly limericks I’ve been foisting on you. Here are a couple more.

A dragon from Skyclaw would fly
From the north to the south, and he’d fry
Some big tuna fishes
Because they’re delicious;
Then back to the north he would hie.

A dragon whose hoard was admired
Thought a housekeeper required.
While dusting the coin
A few she’d purloin;
So the housekeeper had to be fired.


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A dragon so gentle and kind
Saw a unicorn badly entwined,
His silvery mane
Caught up in a chain,
So she helped him get out of his bind.

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