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Dragonbreath is a fun fantasy series for young readers, combining comic art with a fast-paced story. Sort of like Captain Underpants if the boys were a dragon and iguana.

Danny Dragonbreath is the only dragon kid in his school. He gets bullied because nobody believes in the magical world he comes from. He gets pressure from his parents to finally breathe fire. And he gets an F on his paper about ocean life. His teacher gives him one more day to re-write the assignment.

Rather than hit the library and do some research, as advised by his friend, Wendell the ignana, Danny persuades his cousin, Eddie the Sea Serpent, to take them on a tour of the Sargasso Sea. After some thrills and chills, and with a few science facts thrown in, they return to land better equipped to deal with bullies and homework. Even fire-breathing might be within Danny’s grasp.

The author doesn’t specify how old Danny and Wendell are, but the series seems aimed at the younger middle-grade spectrum. Perhaps 3rd or 4th graders. There’s a lot here for kids to like, especially reluctant readers, with the text regularly broken up by cartoon segments.

As an adult reader, I found the characters thin, especially the parents, and the plot predictable. On the other hand, I’m not the target audience. This Dragonbreath series really is a lot like Captain Underpants in that thinking too much spoils the fun.

I’d recommend this series for early readers, especially boys who struggle to find books they like. Dragonbreath is up to nine volumes now, so there’s plenty to keep kids coming back.

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