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Well, well. After all these ‘true dragons’ coming around, I suppose I hardly qualify to talk at all. But old Nisha*, she knows a thing or two.

What do you mean, I’m not a dragon? You humans — always thinking you have the right to name things. You invaders might have driven the dragons out of the Cragmaw Mountains, but I’m still here. So stop interrupting and you might learn something.

I’m sure you heard Cazarluun going on about the grand myth of draconic origins. Me, I’m more interested in dragonkind continuing into the future. The constellations that matter to me are somewhat… basic.

Take the one you named “Leo.” To us dragons, that’s The Horse. It’s one of our favorite foods. What you call “Ursa Major and Minor” are The Bison and Calf. “Monoceros?” The Antelope. All of them are delicious meals. You see, the purpose of the constellations is to show us dragons what’s safe to eat. I trust you’ve noted that I haven’t named any of the human-like figures as a food. Frankly, there’s not enough meat on a human to be worth hunting. Except for hatchlings, of course.

Well, aren’t you clever? Yes I did say “us dragons.” I can see you don’t believe it. A harmless old lady like me! Just sit there for a minute and I’ll show you. Perhaps you’d like to meet my hatchlings?

* Old Nisha, a.k.a. Carnisha, is the main character in my short story, “Hoard,” published last year in the anthology The Dragon’s Hoard, edited by Gabrielle Harbowy, for Sky Warrior Books.

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I’m thrilled to announce that my latest publication is out. I have a story in the anthology, The Dragon’s Hoard, from Sky Warrior Books. Here’s the cover…

Dragon's Hoard cover

Dragon’s Hoard cover

…and here’s the blurb.

“Dragons are well known for their hoards—but not all hoards are created equal. A young dragon starts his hoard with some very precious gifts. One dragon shares her complaints about taxes with a friend as they wait for a lunch delivery. Another dragon defends her most precious treasures against a group of greedy goblins. And yet another may hold the solution to saving the Earth after a devastating apocalypse in his collection of bottled treasures.

28 storytellers invite you to enter The Dragon’s Hoard and share the treasures within.”

My own story is called “Hoard,” and here’s a teaser for you.

“Humans,” Carnisha hissed. “They think whatever they see belongs to them.”

Long ago, the mighty Cragmaw Mountains had been the dragons’ kingdom. Until humans came over the sea and invaded. Other dragons had been killed or forced to retreat, but Carnisha would never give way. It seemed the seeds she had been sowing were bearing fruit at last.

Carnisha studied the gentleman, with his silken robes and pearly skin. A nobleman, she assumed. However, she had some suspicion about the servants. Sun-darkened and strong, they worked with little skill. Nor did their rough clothing match their master’s finery. They had knives in their boots and sharp eyes glancing about. What nobleman would travel with such ruffians? Perhaps they were bodyguards.

The she-dragon eased back and circled down to the road. Before she left the trees, Carnisha hunched forward. She tucked leathern wings against her back and tail close to her ankles. Concentrating, she turned around slowly, drawing on the powers of sky and land to spin the change. Horny hide and glinting talons reshaped into a dingy dress and ragged hood. Gray hair wisped about a wizened human face.

Disgusting, but needful.

Gone was Carnisha, scourge of the mountains. An old woman stepped onto the road, bowed by the weight of a peddler’s pack. Muddy clogs grated over gravel and dirt. She set off, humming a shrill drone so those ruffians would hear her coming and think themselves clever.

The Dragon’s Hoard is available in all e-book formats and in paperback. I hope you’ll check it out on Amazon, B&N or Smashwords.

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