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Fantasy Scroll Magazine is an electronic magazine of speculative short fiction, interviews and reviews, edited by Iulian Ionescu. Operating since 2014, they have just released their eleventh issue. This is another Kickstarter I’m really glad I backed, because the stories have been wonderful.

First up in this issue is “Sundark and Winterling,” an elegaic fantasy from Suzanne J. Willis. The title characters are lovers, a fay woman and a dragon man, torn apart by jealousy and death. Winterling was murdered by a despot who hates all dragons, but Sundark maintains his memory in a remarkable home constructed from his carefully preserved bones and skin. A year of mourning has passed; as Sundark prepares to avenge her lost love, it appears he may not be entirely dead.

I’m still in the midst of reading the issue, but I simply have to recommend this story and the publication. Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Check it out.


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