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My final strategy for naming a dragon character is to combine descriptive elements that apply to it. Some will be physical attributes such as wings, talons or claws, scales, etc. Others will imply power and fierceness, or a connection with natural forces.

This is the technique I use in naming my dragons for Flight Rising, the online game I play along with my daughter. The leaders of my lair are Skystorm and Silvermoon, with others such as Shearwing, Leaf In Stream, Poison Wind or Cloud Tiger. When I breed them, I like to combine the parents’ names, so Skystorm and Leaf In Stream clutched out Leaf In Sky. Poison Wind and Ashenclaw yielded Ashenflow, Ashtalon, and Poison Frost.

From this, you can probably tell that Flight Rising has taken over our lives. Quinn and I trade dragons and share advice, even though we belong to different clans. If you enjoy browser games and dragons, and you’re open to your life being taken over, the next enrollment period will be in mid-October.

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While playing Flight Rising, I’ve encountered one of the conundrums of fantasy games. That is, discovering exotic critters, capturing them — and then taming them for some use, such as being a steed or fighting in an arena. Flight Rising has arena combat, which is what brings this topic to mind.

Having dragons or other magical creatures as some form of steed or pet has been present from the earliest days of gaming that was specifically Fantasy oriented. In the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, rules had to be written about when and how players could tame such beasts. Mostly, I think it has to do with the “Oh cool!” factor of imagining your hero flying on a griffin or dragon. Yet, these are allegedly sentient beings in many cases.

As fantasy games have grown apace, there’s now a lot of collecting around such creatures. I mean, isn’t the goal of any Pokemon game to “catch them all?” To its credit, the Pokemon franchise does put a lot of emphasis on building friendship and trust between trainers and pokemon. Those who aren’t such Poke-fans point out the irony of capturing animals and making them fight each other. After all, in the real world, most of us frown on “sports” such as dog-fighting.

What are your thoughts on the intersect between heroes and critters in fantasy games?

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Knowing my love for dragons and video games, my daughter brought this game to my attention. Of course I joined in — how often does your kid allow you to be part of her online life?

Flight Rising is a browser-based video game. That is, you play in your browser rather than through a console or PC. The setup is that you’re starting a clan of dragons, which is loyal to one of several elemental powers. Each Flight is led by a unique dragon of godlike powers. If you’re into world-building, there’s a very cool back story explaining the history of this world.

So what do you do with your dragon clan? You hunt and gather resources to keep them healthy. You breed them and see what cool new dragons result. You collect various breeds of dragons and take them into an arena to level up in combat. You play games to earn treasure, which you can spend in a marketplace or the auction house if you’re a bargain hunter. You dress up your dragons, buy them pets, and join your Flight in making plays for dominance.

I’ve only been involved for a few days, but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s fairly casual — you play the parts you like and ignore the rest. Best of all, my daughter approves of my hatchlings!

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