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Now that I’ve finished The Renegade Count (or whatever I end up calling it) it’s time to take a break. The weather is supposed to be in the 70s here, perfect weather to be out in my garden. I have a few transplants to get in, and more than a few weeds to get out. I’m also taking in a webinar about soil care, because if you don’t have good soil, your flowers and vegies will only struggle.

While my hands are busy, I’ll be thinking about the new names and titles I need. Some of them might sound strangely botanical. Nobody will notice that, right?

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I blogged last year about finding a variety of radish called Dragon in my favorite garden catalog. This week, as I plan out my garden for 2015, I’ve found a few more garden plants named after dragons.

Dragon’s Tongue is a variety of arugula, one of those fancy greens that seem so trendy but actually have been grown for millennia. I am personally fond of arugula. It’s extremely easy to grow and you get results right away. Therefore I was very excited and ordered those seeds along with some other supplies.

I also found a bush bean and a mustard green that are both called Dragon Tongue. I prefer pole beans and I’m not into mustard greens, so I left those alone. I think what makes these plants “dragon-y” is the red or purple veins on the leaves and the ripening beans.

Not only does Territorial Seed have all these plants with dragon names, but I found a kind of red begonia in the Burpee catalog called Dragon Wing. There also is a pink variety called Angel Wing.

And then there’s the old favorite, Snapdragons, with a rainbow of colors and a lovely fragrance. Now I’m wondering how many other dragons I might find to invite into my garden!

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