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A young girl and her dragon friend embark on a fantastic quest in this Asian-styled adventure for middle readers. Author Lin draws upon her own Chinese heritage to create this sweet story with a mythic flair.

Fruitless Mountain gets its name from a harsh reality: the rocky land bears little fruit, so that the villagers must struggle for survival. Minli works hard along side her parents every day. Hungry nights are softened by her father’s thrilling tales from legend and myth. Meanwhile, her mother regards it all as a useless fancy, and scolds her husband for filling their daughter’s head with dreams.

On impulse, Minli brings home a pretty goldfish as a pet, but Mother sighs bitterly over one more mouth to feed. Realizing her mistake, Minli goes to release her pet in a nearby river. But this is no ordinary goldfish. With her pure faith and trust in the tales her father told her, Minli sets off to bring happiness to her family.

The text in some ways is deceptively simple, and many of the characters have little dimension beyond their roles. And yet, the threads of several stories are woven together so cleverly, it’s hard the grudge anything. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon won a number of awards, including a Newberry Honor. It’s easy to see why.

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