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IMG_20181001_112457395_HDRHere’s another “dragon of Hallowe’en” photo for your collection. It was an animated dragon, with wing action and roaring sound effects.

This house is right by the school where I work. The home owners set up a “Harry Potter House” that was open on Hallowe’en. It was an elaborate production, with several tents and cardboard towers, but this photo shows the dragon best.

I didn’t actually get to go, since the school isn’t close to where I live, but it was fun to see this dragon presiding over a fantastic seasonal community.

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Halloween Dragons

Beware the dragons of Halloween? Yes! It appears that dragons will be a hot theme for Halloween in 2018. A couple of friends texted me over the weekend when they spotted a wall projector that puts swirling dragons on your wall. Cool! I ran over to take a look.

Not only was the wall projector there, they also had a couple of other draconic displays. These ones are baby hatchlings with squealing and flashing eyes. There was also a larger animated dragon skeleton with moving head and flashing eyes. (The flashing eyes are always a thing with these animated displays). I tried to get a picture, but there were so many on the shelf that you couldn’t pick one out from the others.

Just one more reason to look forward to Halloween!

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