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I was really excited when one of the kids in my math group mentioned this video game. It’s based on the How to Train Your Dragon movies and web episodes. Fans can play as a Viking with their very own dragon. They go on quests and such, and it sounds like tons of fun. Check it out here.

Unfortunately for me, my system won’t run it. Download and installation went fine, but there was an endless loadup for individual sessions. I had to give up. Which, I guess, is a lesson to me that specifications matter and I need more RAM or more bandwidth to make this work.

Even so, it does sound like a really fun game that’s appropriate for the under-twelve age group. If you remember the movies, you know the characters are fairly over-the-top. The dragons are very colorful and have a quirky, fun design to them.

If any of you have suitable systems to play The School of Dragons, I’d love to get some player reviews.

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Here’s another of the summer dragon movies that I didn’t get around to seeing in theaters. Maybe I was hesitant because the first one was so good and I didn’t want to spoil the buzz. Also, I ended up traveling more than expected during the summer.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 does a lot of things right. It brings in some specific quotes and flavor from the book, which I welcome. Hiccup and Toothless have been exploring more of Burk’s surroundings, so we see a map that greatly resembles the one from the books. We also get quite a bit of feisty byplay with Toothless that’s typical of his book personality. Some side characters may or may not spring from the books. I’m not sure because I didn’t read the entire How to Train Your Dragon series.

However, the plot does follow movie continuity, with continued flirtation between Hiccup and Astrid. Questions are raised about the ultimate destiny for Toothless and his human pal, only some of which are answered. There’s a new bad-guy, Drago, who has been gathering a dragon riding army. Guess where he’s coming next? Drago’s scary domination contrasts nicely with Hiccup’s earnest caring.

Another positive is the new ideas about dragon society. They live in nests, which usually are ruled by a vast queen dragon. In the new nest, though, there is a king dragon, equally monumental, who rules over dragonkind with compassionate solidity. Evidently this “alpha” dragon is essential to all the dragons of his or her nest, and the alpha’s character determines their own. This would explain why all the Berk dragons became so friendly once their original Mean Queen was out of the picture.

Unfortunately, Drago’s plan hinges on displacing the Good King Dragon with his own Mean King Dragon. It was sad and a little disturbing to see how quickly the Berk characters’s beloved companions could be taken over by this malevolent personality.

There’s also a surprise return by a character who had been thought dead, and I won’t spoil it by saying more. All in all the screenplay is well put together, though with few surprises. The look of the bizarre and intensely colorful dragons remains consistent, and the music is also quite fine. (Not as much bagpipe, to my disappointment.)

I do recommend this movie to buy, rent, or borrow from the library. Especially if all those heavy Oscar movies are weighing on your soul these days. You can’t go wrong with crazy Vikings and their dragons.

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As a follow up to my recent post about the TV show Dragon Tales, I’ve heard there’s also a TV show based on How to Train Your Dragon, the hit dragon movie from a few summers ago. The news came from Princess of Dragons’ blog. I won’t reblog, because that seems like cheating to me, but you can read her post here.

This leads me to a couple more dragons coming out on screen this summer. Actually, some are already out. Movies I haven’t seen yet, but plan to see:

1) Godzilla. Technically not a dragon, but the eleven-year-old in me can’t get enough of guys in rubber suits stomping through cities. Okay, it’s not a rubber suit any more, it’s CGI. But how can I ignore a breath weapon like that?

2) Maleficent. I’m not sure whether Angelina Jolie’s title character turns into a dragon during this movie. I hope so! When Maleficent did her dragon turn at the end of Sleeping Beauty, it really set the place on fire for me. (Ha ha.) Besides, the rest of the fairies in that movie were so inane. Even as a young child, I knew there was something wrong with them.

Fairies and dragons should never be treated as silly!

3) How To Train Your Dragon 2. The first movie was so good (even though some of the dragons were silly) that I’m almost afraid to try the second one. How can a sequel compare? Maybe it doesn’t have to, because there will be dragons. Lots and lots of dragons.

I also still wish to see the latest X-men movie. But that’s a different blog post. What about all of you — got any good dragon movies to recommend?

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