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The Invisible Library is an urban fantasy/adventure series, wherein there is a great Library whose mission is collect and store dangerous books from multiple dimensions. These dimensions are arrayed in a spectrum between chaos and order. Chaos realms are dominated by fae, while order realms are ruled by dragons. In the eons-long war of dragons and fae, the Library remains neutral while attempting to preserve all the multiverse from annihilation. Sounds simple enough, right?

Ha ha ha.

The main character is Irene, a courageous Librarian who uses any means necessary to gather the requested books. For Irene, “any means” includes a magical language and a no-nonsense attitude. In the first book, she finds herself paired with Vale, a thinly disguised clone of Sherlock Holmes, who is native to the quasi-Victorian realm where Irene is working. She also has a handsome young assistant named Kai, who turns out to be a dragon in human guise. My only small complaint is that Kai spends almost no time in his natural dragonic form, because Cogman’s dragons are so impressive.

You can see the love triangle taking shape between Irene, Vale and Kai. At the same time, you can see Irene growing in strength and purpose. The connections she’s forging, with her team and a wider cast of characters, may indeed save the multiverse one day.

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