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Everybody welcome Bob Ironspell-Cabas, star of M. H. Bonham’s urban fantasy, That Dragon Was In No Way My Fault. It’s the starter for her series, The Ironspell Chronicles.

“Seriously, Elryn? You think that Titania would want to talk to me?” I looked at my unofficial partner in disbelief. By the way, my name is Bob Ironspell-Cabas, but everyone calls me Ironspell because lot of people laugh when I tell them I’m a wizard named Bob.

Elryn rolled her eyes as she typically does when I say something stupid. She agreed to help me go through the mail piling up at the post office since our latest adventures since she lost a bet with my fiancee, Luna.

But back to the subject at hand: why would the Faerie Court want to talk to me? Don’t tell me I pissed them off, too. “Look, the queen just sent an invitation…” Elryn held up a piece of mail that looked like just another one of those too-good-to-be-true offers that say that I’m cordially invited to stay in a timeshare unit if I can sit through the boring sales pitch.

“You sure she got the right Ironspell? I mean, what would Faerie want to do with me?” I grimaced as I plucked the invite from her hands. “Shit, it’s real. I guess I’m going to have to go.”

Character Questions

Who are the most dangerous people in your world? Oh fuck. You know we have so many bad guys, I can’t pick just one. Fallen angels (we call them Watchers), Void Daemons, the Drow, and, of course, the Cult of the Messiah. The Cult is a religious group whose main purpose is the eradication of all Supernaturals on Earth

Who is your best friend? Gosh, I always say that Tuzren — oops, I wasn’t suppose to say his name, was I? — I mean, Tuz, is my best friend. He’s a daemon from Onoys — a realm in another plane. But I have other close friends, my werewolf financee, Luna, my unofficial Elf partner, Elryn, and my Jotun partner, Vetr.

Author Questions

Are there any authors who inspire your work? Wow, well, Gary Jonas is a friend and fellow urban fantasy writer who encouraged me to write this series. I also like to read Orlando Sanchez, RL King, and Jim Butcher to keep my mind in urban fantasy. I read other urban fantasy writers as well to get a flavor of what people are reading.

When did you know you were a writer? Before I was four years old. Seriously. I attempted to write a book when I was five, seven, and eventually wrote a book when I was 15.

That Dragon Was In No Way My Fault

Bob Ironspell-Cabas, known as Ironspell, is a rookie officer on his third day in the Denver Police Department Supernatural Unit or DPDS. His partner and mentor takes him to the Denver Zoo, thinking that it’ll be a good training opportunity. Instead, they discover a deranged sorcerer has let loose a dragon from the Supernatural portion of a new exhibit called, “The Magical Zoo.”

With a crazed sorcerer and a pissed-off dragon on the loose, Ironspell must use his knowledge and his magic to stop both. Otherwise, Denver is in for some serious trouble. What’s more, the sorcerer has taken hostages and threatens to feed them to the werewolves in the Lycanthrope House.

The problem is Ironspell isn’t exactly a wizard — he learns his spells by reading magazines like Popular Wizardry. Can Denver and the Denver Zoo survive Ironspell’s attempts to save the day?

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M. H. Bonham (and friend)

About M. H. Bonham

I am an award-winning author of more than fifty books living in the wilds of Montana as a Colorado refugee. Because I love confusing people, I go by Margaret H. Bonham with my pet books and M. H. Bonham in my science fiction and fantasy. I train in shotokan and ninjitsu martial arts, I race sled dogs, and podcast. I frequent science fiction conventions, so be sure to check out my blog for places I’ll be at.

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