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The Dragons Are Singing Tonight is a picture book from the notable children’s poet, Jack Prelutsky, with illustration by Peter Sis. It was published in 1993 by Greenwillow and is part of a set by the same author featuring other fantastic creatures such as ogres.

Each of the 17 short poems stands alone, yet connected by the general theme of dragons. There’s a good balance between short and snarky poems with longer, meditative ones. Although the focus is mostly on children wishing they could have dragons for pets, something longtime readers will know irritates me, Prelutsky does find time for the dragon’s perspective. Here’s the third of the volume:

If You Don’t Believe In Dragons, by Jack Prelutsky

If you don’t believe in dragons

It is curiously true

That the dragons you disparage

Choose not to believe in you.

My personal favorite is “I Am My Master’s Dragon,” a poignant statement of the pet dragon’s longing to be free. No matter how kindly the master may be, servitude of dragons to humans is a great wrong.

As you can tell from the vocabulary and ironic concepts, this is a book for the older-aged picture book reader, perhaps 9-12. It also could be read by parents to younger kids sitting in a lap. For adults, this is a brief and fond look back to our own days when every new book was an adventure waiting to happen. Thanks much to Princess of Dragons for cluing me into this one.

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