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In Gascony, during the reign of King Charlemagne (742 – 814), there was a dragon named Jilocasin. He enjoyed mingling with humans and often assumed the guise of a troubadour in order to entertain the nobility with poetry and song. One day as he traveled through a forest, Jilocasin heard a woman calling out for help. He rushed to the site found a young lady being accosted by bandits.

A dragon as powerful as Jilocasin had no trouble dealing with such ruffians. However, the lady had swooned and did not see her rescuer in his true form. The kindly dragon carried her back to his castle and resumed his human appearance to tend to her. In doing so, he was startled to discover a tiny baby was wrapped inside the lady’s robes.

When she recovered, the young lady explained why she had been alone in the forest. It seemed she was recently widowed, and in order to maintain control of her wealth, her family had forced her to marry a cousin. They hadn’t even observed the traditional year of mourning. Her second husband was a repulsive person who cared only for her fortune. Soon she discovered that she was with child by her first husband. Her cousin would not permit anyone to rival his claim and demanded that her child be killed immediately after birth.

Somehow, the lady managed to escape into the woods with her child. The desperate widow begged for the (as she believed human) lord of the castle to protect her from her vicious husband. Jilocasin immediately agreed, and made provisions for widow and child to live in his castle.

By the time three years had passed, the two had become very close. In fact, Jilocasin loved her so dearly that he revealed his true identity as a dragon. The widow, in turn, loved Jilocasin so completely that she accepted his nature without complaint. Although they could not marry, they lived together as if they were husband and wife. Soon enough, she became pregnant again.

Alas, the lady died in childbirth, but Jilocasin raised both of her sons as brothers. Though neither became a dragon, they were fine and valiant knights who fought to avenge their dear mother. When the time was right, they attacked and seized the castle of their mother’s second husband. The elder son assumed ownership of his rightful heritage, while Jilocasin’s son ruled his own domain as a peaceful neighbor. Jilocasin helped and advised them until the end of their days.

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