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I wrote last year about the Chinese Lantern Festival hosted in my home town of Spokane, Washington. It was a beautiful sight, and so well received that they’ve decided to do it again.

Unfortunately, they aren’t doing the dining portion┬áthis time. However, the lanterns and sculptures are all-new. The big piece last year was a red dragon, which will return along with a number of smaller dragons and other beasts. However, the highlight for 2016 will be a model temple, in the style of Angkor Wat, which is built of porcelain plates and teacups.

The Lantern Festival is a little earlier this year than last. In fact, it just opened last night and runs until October 30th. This will likely increase attendance, as the bitterly cold weather will not have arrived yet. So will a slight reduction in the ticket price. They have also been a little less jealous about guarding the lanterns from public view. Allowing glimpses of the pieces ought to build interest.

It’s certainly worked, at least for our family.

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Okay, enough with the silly riddles! This month we’re lucky enough to have a public art event that includes a dragon or two. It’s the Chinese Lantern Festival, which brings music, dance, and authentic Chinese cuisine to the heart of Spokane, Riverfront Park.

The installation includes hundreds of lighted silk sculptures that were assembled right in the park, beginning in August. Each of these is hand painted with faces and patterns, and they look just beautiful — as far as we can tell. The trees in the park have kept things mysterious. However, there’s no hiding one of the centerpieces, a dragon sculpture that looks about 40 feet long and should be awe-inspiring.

Now the festival is open, with a significant entry fee. (Okay, anything over $10 is significant for my family, since we all want to go.) I’d love to have one of the meals, but they’re even higher, so I don’t think that’s in the cards.

Click the link above if you want to see a video of the affair.

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