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Today we welcome Frankie, who’s visiting from Robin Banks’ LGBTQ and neurodiverse urban fantasy series, Margin Street Zeroes.

Frankie peered through the door with eyes roughly the size of dinner plates. They didn’t see anyone they knew, which was too bad because they had so much to tell them. But they did see a big buffet table! They crept over to it and began to stuff their face and pockets. Elegant slices of cheese went straight into their mouth. Cherries and chocolates were stored for later. After all, they were Gio’s favourite foods!

After a bit, they spotted a fountain with some sort of glittery drink. They immediately snagged a glass. It wasn’t a single malt, but it wasn’t too bad! Then they noticed a throne at the head of the room, where a lady was talking to one of the guests. Frankie guessed they were supposed to go thank her for the hospitality, but first, just one more drink!

Character Questions

Who is your best friend? Gio! She is the most wonderful person in the whole wide world! He’s clever, and pretty, and kind, and just so good at EVERYTHING it blows my mind! We met totally by chance and I still have no idea why she wants anything to do with me, because he’s so great and I’m all over the place, but I’m not complaining. Am I lucky or what?

I wish he didn’t worry so much about stuff because I know that there’s nothing she can’t deal with, but, huh, his brain kind of misfires sometimes, I guess. She’s still the most wonderful and perfect person ever, though! Oh, we got married! Twice! But we only had a proper ceremony the second time, with a viking boat and everything! And one of our best friends did the actual marrying bit, because he’s, huh, well, technically he’s a god, but he only does turnips and staple foods so you’d hardly know it. And our other best friend who’s his boyfriend — our other friend’s boyfriend, I mean, not Gio’s — he was there, and our landlady and my uncle who is also technically a god but mostly he’s just a huge pain in the ass, but don’t quote me on this! And the raccoons wore tutus, because Gio kinda likes stuff like that even though he’ll never admit to it, not even under torture.

Author Questions

Are there any authors who inspire your work? I don’t know about inspiring my work as such, but my favourite writers are Spider Robinson, Tom Robbins, and Emma Bull. I’d give at least a kidney to be half as good as them. Tom Robbins writes the bounciest stories ever, Emma Bull writes characters I end up feeling I know better than most of my friends, and Spider Robinson is just all-round fantastic.

Margin Street Zeroes

My family is pretty simple, when you get used to it. There’s me, Frankie, Ben, and AK. Frankie and I are with each other, and Ben and AK are with each other, but not like that. They don’t want to be with each other like that, though, so it’s cool, even though it took me a while to get used to it. Ben and I are best friends, and so are Ben and Frankie. Frankie and AK are also good friends, largely because Frankie is the friendliest person ever and a natural wonder, but AK is pretty cool, too. AK and I don’t always get on, but we try. I like people of all genders, and so did Frankie, but now that we’re together they really only like me. Ben also thought that he liked me, but that’s because he hadn’t got himself quite figured out. I like Ben a lot, but not like I like Frankie, and that used to be super awkward until we straightened it all out. AK doesn’t really like anyone – not like that, anyway. Mostly he likes sci-fi, brewing his own booze, and chilling. Somehow, it all works out.

We’re all university students, but AK isn’t actualy enrolled, because he doesn’t legally exist. We live in our house because a librarian rescued me from a snow storm. We have three semi-domesticated raccoons, but that’s not really our fault; they lost the ability to speak, and now we feel responsible for them. Oh, and Frankie can spot lies and teleport, and they could technically break reality, but they don’t want to, so that’s not an issue. We can all open magical portals, and AK is the god of turnips, but we don’t hold that against him. It’s all good, really. This is the story of how we got there.

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About Robin Banks

I was born a while ago, and these days I don’t regret it too often. A fan of peregrinations with a terrible tendency to get myself marooned, I currently dwell with an excessive number of dogs right at the end of the big cabbage field. That’s the big field with the cabbages, not the field with the big cabbages. Don’t be silly.

I enjoy road trips, dogs, guitars, and getting into scrapes. My favorite writers are Tom Robbins, Spider Robinson, and Matthew Stover, Rory Miller for non-fiction. I refuse to be landlocked, because you need to have *some* standards. I like Irish coffee with condensed milk in lieu of cream. You can’t help some people.

There is a rumor going around that I might in fact be a collection of raccoons hiding inside a hoodie, but that’s not been confirmed to date, possibly because I bite.

I have also written about neurodivergence as Ash Banks (https://www.amazon.com/Ash-Banks/e/B08TMMNPZH), and about self-defense and recovery from violence and trauma as A.R. Banks (https://www.amazon.com/A-R-Banks/e/B09JHP4FT5).

Have you read one of my books? Then it would be great for you to leave a review! Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about me and my work, check out my websiteFacebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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