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I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. This award is given to new blogs or blogs with lower follower counts, to encourage new bloggers and widen the blogging community.
Liebster is a German word meaning kindest, nicest, dearest, pleasant, lovely, valued, welcome. I’m glad that anyone thinks I’m all those things, and I appreciate the nomination from Princess of Dragons.

In her blog, Princess of Dragons covers gaming (table top and live action), reading/writing and — dragons! So feel free to wander by and check her out.

Now I must answer ten questions posed by Princess of Dragons. To whit:
1) What is your preferred cheese? Parmesan.
2) If you could own any animal (including fantasy animals) what would it be? I live in a suburban area with a small yard, so that precludes large animals such as dragons. No, wait! I do have room for a Pernese fire lizard. A blue would be nice. I’d ask him to keep the neighborhood cats from using my vegetable garden as a litter box.
3) Mention one thing that’s on my Bucket List. Visiting the Grand Canyon.
4) What color do you think your soul is? Seafoam green.
5) If you could try any job for a day, what would it be and why? I would work in a greenhouse because I love gardening and plants.
6) Name one good thing that’s happened to you today. Sleeping well and with no nightmares.
7) What’s your Meyer Briggs profile? I had to go take the test over, as it had been several years. ISTJ is the current result.
8) Quick! Pick your weapon of choice. Pepper spray.
9) When was the last time you cried? I was disagreeing with my husband over how to discipline our unruly teenaged son. (I wanted to be tougher. My husband said I was already being too tough.)
10) What would you call a novel about your life? The Gadfly.

Next, I must share 11 random facts about myself. So let’s see…
1) I am the third of my family to be involved in a teaching career.
2) I have nothing against dogs, but prefer cats.
3) But when I was a kid, I preferred horses.
4) For fitness, I do yoga and ride my bike.
5) When donations are required, I’m usually the first to pony up.
6) Cherries are my favorite fruit.
7) Oblivion is my favorite video game, followed by Morrowind, then Skyrim.
8) Until I had kids of my own, I was not at all fond of children.
9) I graduated from college with a degree in English Literature. Despite what you might hear about English Majors, I use my degree every single day.
10) In high school, I lettered in Marching Band.
11) The writer I admire most is Rachel Carson. Her book, Silent Spring, changed my generation’s view of the environment and how people can be injured by the consequences of careless development.

Finally, here are my nominees to pass the Liebster torch along: Annette Drake and Jessica Rising are two fellow Northwest writers. So is S. A. Bolich, whose blog addresses the often incorrect portrayal of horses in literature. Maugryph’s Blog showcases the artistic process of a fantasy illustrator. Stars and Splats gives reviews of genre movies. I hope you’ll check a few of them out.

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