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This is the SF convention I’ve been mentioning a bit recently. They haven’t sent me a formal schedule yet, but they have a tentative one posted online and I went through it looking for myself. (LoL) Here’s what it looks like:

Friday I’m on two panels. At 3 pm I have a Meet the Authors in Ballroom C; at 4 pm, it’s Dynamic Side Characters in the Rocket Tent. The hotel is small and they have a couple of large tents outside in addition to indoor meeting rooms.

Saturday, I have the Writer’s Workshop at 10 am. It’s supposed to be two hours, and I do have an idea for a character creation exercise. That’s the only thing they have me scheduled for on Saturday, so I asked if I could jump in on another panel, The Maternity Gap, at 3 pm in the Dragon Pavilion.

Sunday, I was supposed to leave around 3 or 4, but they have me scheduled for a reading at 6 pm. I asked to move it, and I asked to be let out of the panel they scheduled me for Monday. We’ll see how that shakes out.

In a funny way, MisCon will be almost the opposite from RadCon, last February. I had about ten panels at RadCon, and here I’ll be lucky to have four. Five if you include the writer’s workshop, but it’s private.

It will be a fun time, anyway!

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Coming up on Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be over in Missoula, MT for a SF convention called MisCon. It’s one of the longest running conventions in the region, and I’m super excited to be back again.

It’s been stressful to prepare, though. Usually by now I have a schedule of programs and I’m starting to mentally prepare. I really hadn’t heard a word this year, until just today. I’ve only been advised I have a writer’s workshop that will be one-on-one with an author. (For two hours! Wow, I’m not sure what I’ll do with that length of time.) Other than that, I have no idea what panels I’m on.

It’s freaking me out a little, honestly. I’ve done the programming design many times, and I always make sure to communicate frequently with speakers. At times, I wondered if I was communicating too much and they thought I was that needy. Having this experience reminds me why I did it that way.

Before then, I really do need to get moving on the actual layouts for Queen Titania’s Court. Then I can have that set up to begin over the same Memorial Day weekend.

Anyhow, this is where I bring in my school skills of being flexible and just going with it. The weekend will be great.

Have you read one of my books? Then it would be great for you to leave a review! Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about me and my work, check out my websiteFacebook, Instagram and/or CounterSocial.

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Here’s a shot from the hotel at MisCon, two weeks ago. The hotel, a Holiday Inn, had a lovely atrium with all these balconies. The convention organizers didn’t let them go to waste.

Balcony decorations at MisCon 2016

Balcony decorations at MisCon 2016

In this close-up, you can see Shenron (from the Dragon Ball anime) with seven dragon balls. Chewbacca and Iron Man also kept an eye on things.

Next Saturday I’ll be taking part in Barnes & Noble’s teen reading event in Richland, WA. It would be great to see some of you there!

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Yes, I’m back from MisCon with a heart full of fire for writing. The last few chapters of Outcast Order await me.

There were frustrations over the weekend, of course. My trusty Nook connected with the hotel’s wireless on Friday, but after Saturday morning it kept telling me there was a network but no Internet. Thus I wasn’t able to tweet during the weekend as I usually like to. On the other hand, the hotel TV had a 24-hour Harry Potter marathon showing, so that was fun for the quiet times.

Friday was my workshop on “Description to Die For.” I was imagining maybe 6 people would show up, but I got a full room — 18 people! All of them seemed to enjoy the writing part and they asked great questions.

Saturday panels were also excellent. We had a lot of fun with elevating dialogue and building worlds. By Sunday I was feeling fatigued, as expected for a con Sunday, and I don’t think I contributed as much to the panel on anthologies. However, I did manage to pin my publisher down on my own anthology’s schedule. Yay for the Green Room!

Also, I found a neat piece of art by Patricia McCracken. Her dragons have butterfly wings and a distinctively insect-like appearance. Check out her gallery here. The print I bought isn’t shown, but you’ll get the idea what her work is like.

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MisCon Science Fiction is celebrating its 30th year with a fine convention the weekend of May 27- 30th, 2016. In case any of you will be there, I thought I’d share my schedule for the event.

Friday, May 27th
6:00 p.m, Workshop, Description to Die For. I’m leading this one. It’s just under an hour of actual writing practice, so bring your writing materials.

Saturday, May 28th
10:00 a.m, Writer’s Workshop. Just what it sounds like. You had to pre-register for this one.
Noon, Elevate Your Dialogue.
1:00 p.m, World Building 101
4:00 p.m, Sky Warrior Books Group Reading
7:00 p.m, Open Mic Fiction Slam! Another of my pet projects. Anybody who wants to read, can read.

Sunday, May 29th
2:00 p.m, Anthologies and Collaboration

Things get hectic at school during the last few weeks, so I’m definitely looking forward to visiting my favorite Alternate Reality — science fiction!

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