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Here today is Arrow, a non-binary youth from Onesies and Ouijaboards. New Zealand author Jamie Sands offers this YA spinoff from the popular novella series, Mt. Eden Witches.

Arrow stands with eyes wide and staring. A skinny teenager of indeterminate gender, they wear torn black jeans and an oversized black hoodie with thumbholes in the cuffs and purple lined cat ears on the hood. Their hair is dyed black with bright red highlights on their floppy fringe. They wrap their arms around themself as they look all around at the finery and strange things on display.

Character Questions

How does magic work for you? Are your spells different than the usual? Honestly I’m only just starting out, the whole magic thing is really new to me. From what I can tell from talking to the witch librarian mine seems to be pretty similar to his, so I guess that’s your answer.

What kinds of things do your people like to eat? People eat all kinds of things, we have a really great Japanese restaurant my best friend’s family runs, but I guess usual food is like sandwiches, sushi, burgers, that kind of thing. My favourite thing is bubble tea, especially with pearls.

Author Questions

Do you enjoy co-writing with anyone, and how do you make it work? I co-run writing/productivity sprints with fellow kiwi author Gillian St Kevern and at the moment we’re writing separate books in a shared universe (a magical Victorian England). It’s led to very funny messages at random times, asking things about the rules of magic, or when it’s appropriate to wear a cape with one’s suit. We’re fans of each other’s work and communicate quickly and honestly and I think that’s the real key to co-writing successfully!

What social media do you like, both personally and for promotion? I have recently embraced the world of Tiktok and it’s such a wonderful community on there. Booktok people are so warm and friendly, and I’ve been able to reach wider audiences than before through my videos.

Onesies and Ouijaboards

Be careful what you wish for… Arrow is fifteen, non-binary, and bored. It’s one thing to read about magic, or watch ghost hunting shows. But Arrow yearns for something more. When they try out a prosperity spell from a magical library book, things start to go very very right. Until they don’t.

Arrow’s good luck seems to be affecting a lot of the people around them. From A students suddenly failing quizzes to freak accidents, their good luck seems to be double-sided to say the least. Arrow’s best friend Ren knows not to mess with the unknown, but Arrow’s spell might just affect him all the same.

Arrow’s got to learn about how to wield their magic fast when the power they’ve drawn down proves to be beautiful, but dangerous as well. 

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About Jamie Sands

Jamie is a non-binary, pansexual kiwi who’s always been wondering ‘what if?’ They write stories about ghosts, monsters, magic, love and how the world could be. Jamie grew up in Wellington but now lives in Auckland with their wonderful spouse and a round cat.

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