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Every February, I visit the Central-Washington town of Pasco for the RadCon science fiction convention. Here’s what my schedule will be for this year:

On Friday, I have one panel, Common Grammatical Errors, at 3:15. I also have a Reading at 6:15, and I will have chocolate to entice the audience. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

On Saturday, my panels are Diversity and Inclusion at 12:45 and Hard Fantasy – a New Sub-Genre at 7:00 pm. Hard Fantasy will be especially interesting, since I hadn’t even heard of this sub-genre before I got the panel assignment. If you recall, I’ve been trying to figure out my own exact genre, so this will be enlightening.

Science fiction conventions are always a great time, and this year should be no exception. The only problem? We have 2-1/2 feet of snow on the ground, and more expected. So whether we can make the drive is still to be determined. But, we are also determined, so I hope to see a few of you there at RadCon.

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This coming weekend, I’ll be at RadCon Science Fiction Convention in Pasco, WA. This con is an old favorite of ours that we regularly attend, and I’m really looking forward to going again. Here’s my schedule of panels and talks during the weekend.

Friday, 3:15 pm — (Re)Tired Genres? Noire, vampires, zombies… What are some of the tired genres? Ones you think should be retired, and why they haven’t been.

Saturday, 11:00 am — Book Table. I’ll be in the dealer’s room, persuading anyone who comes near to buy one of my books.

Saturday, 3:15 pm — Reading. I’ll be reading from my books and greeting fans.

Saturday, 4:30 pm — Writers Answer Questions. Writers answer the questions you always wanted to ask.

Sunday, 10:15 — Reading Education for Writers. This is the panel I’m working hardest to prepare. Using my experience as an educator and children’s writer, I’ll discuss how Common Core has changed reading education and what opportunities this creates for writers.

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