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Please welcome author Robert Dahlen and his character, Alice Peavley, from the Steampunk fantasy series, Peavley Manor.

As I stood in front of Queen Titania’s palace, fidgeting with my sleeveless, high-collared, ruffled scarlet gown, I was already regretting the tight yet stylish black heels I’d chosen to wear. I’ve never been a fan of fancy dress balls. It seems like a great deal of effort to make oneself as elegant as possible to spend an evening with people who, under normal circumstances, would lie to you when asked for the time of day. When I had mentioned this to Macalley as he drove me to the palace he had, again, reminded me that I was there to present my town of Darbyfield in a positive light. Therefore, mocking or avoiding the other attendees was frowned upon; no matter how menacing, snobbish, or rich they were, they would all be star-struck by me, Alice Peavley. They would hear the tales of my misadventures, laugh in the proper places, and look into conducting business deals down the road. Thus, I was obligated to mingle. I squared up my shoulders and walked towards the entrance, sliding the invitation from my purse, hoping that at some point I could find a quiet corner to sit in and remove these blasted shoes for a bit, or at least several glasses of wine to take my mind off my soon to be aching feet.

Character Questions

Who is your closest friend? I could never limit this to just one! There’s Priscilla, my old college chum. There’s Vyne, who makes those delicious preserves and has me over for a weekly chat. Clarinda, the town librarian, has become quite dear to me. And though Macalley is in my employ, he has been a true source of guidance and support for me.

Are there intelligent races other than yours, and do they get along? There are quite a few non-human peoples in the lands around the Crescent Sea. They mostly get along. Mostly. Dwarves and gnomes do have their old grudges, though they almost never erupt into tavern brawls. Elves, or at least those in the upper classes, look down on everyone who isn’t an elf. Pixies deride all non-pixies, goblins get mocked by everyone else, trolls get furious at anyone who does them wrong, and no one’s quite sure what to make of sprites.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? It actually chose me, for the Peavley Manor series. The inspiration struck when I had the idea of combining Wodehouse-style comedy of manners with steampunk; when I came up with the main characters, Alice and Macalley, I realized that fantasy also needed to be
part of the mix.

Why do you write? I love crafting stories and sharing them with the world.

Peavley Manor

Alice Peavley was a sales clerk in a book shop, until her rich uncle left her his estate in his will. She moves to the manor, meets her new tenants and neighbors, and adjusts to life in the eccentric town of Darbyfield with the help of her valet, a sardonic gnome named Macalley. Alice gets mixed up in misadventures involving a concert gone askew, a chaotic baking competition, and a mischievous squatter, but there is a more sinister plot afoot to steal her land and her fortune. Can Alice get to the bottom of the conspiracy and save Peavley Manor? Find out in this comedy of manners, mayhem and magic!

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The Author

Robert Dahlen hails from Northern California. He is an author who specializes in tales with a dollop of fantasy, a splash of steampunk, a swirl of humor, and a sprinkle of heart, resulting in delightful concoctions. His most recent creation is the Peavley Manor series, featuring heiress Alice Peavley, her gnome valet Macalley, and their friends, foes, and misadventures. There are two books available — the novel Peavley Manor and Tales Of Peavley Manor, a collection of four novelettes — and more are (slowly) in the works. His other stories include Copper Cove, featuring crafter Tabitha Miles, and the airship pirate novella Skyblade’s Gambit. You can sample his writing at peavleymanor.com and follow him on Twitter at @monkeyqueenbks.

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