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I saw these books in the library and thought to myself, “Finally! An urban fantasy with dragons.” Well, yes and no. Relatively little time is spent with the dragons, and unfortunately the human characters didn’t make up for it. At least, not for me, but we all know how picky I am.

The cast was not terribly diverse, and most characters were some level of stereotype. I had trouble connecting with the main character, Tori. She’s spoiled and entitled and naturally gifted and beautiful, and has no idea how she’s treating others. She does come around, but then has a silly inferiority complex even after gaining more special powers than everyone else. Add that to her simultaneous crushing on two boys, and… sigh. I wanted to cheer for her more than I did.

In terms of plot, I felt several characters were being deliberately dense and not figuring out clues that seemed fairly obvious. I won’t say more because spoilers aren’t nice.

The dragons were what I really wanted to see. I love when writers come up with new concepts for this amazing mythical beast. Hill’s dragons lurked offstage most of the time. The one that showed up was suitably impressive and dangerous, but had no independent personality. With the focus so much on the human antagonist, Overdrake, the dragons didn’t really stand out.

I did enjoy the master villain, who was appropriately devious and cruel. The way he uses Tori’s special power to heckle her was amusing. If I check out future volumes, it will be because of Overdrake.

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