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I have begun working on the second draft of Ice Witch. The most significant changes so far are to Meven’s foundling. I found that the rhythm of his name was weak, so I’ve changed it. Elldry is now Calisiph. In addition, his viewpoint was coming across as too cynical for a seven-year-old. I’m making him about ten, an age that allows him to question the adults around him in a more pointed way.

However, I will let him keep his toy monkey, Eelee. It was one of Meven’s puppets with an articulated joint that allows it to stick its tongue out. Calisiph was instantly charmed by this. Ten is a little old to be carting a toy around, but he hasn’t had a single thing to call his own for a couple of years, so Meven lets him take over ownership.

While this goes on, I’m also making a few decisions for my next novella. Have you ever had those weeks when everything you previously decided just seems dumb? I don’t like the title, I don’t like the cover art I’d chosen, and so forth.

Nothing is in print yet, so obviously this is the time for me to be making those changes!

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Yes! I have finished a non-skeletal and satisfying first draft of Fang Marsh. The novella came in at 33,500 words. The other Minstrels of Skaythe novellas are 32,000 words (The Tower in the Mist) and 38,000 words (The Cursed Grove), so Fang Marsh fits right in at its length.

That said, I’m pondering whether to take a stab at the second draft now. If I give myself 2 weeks, I should still have plenty of time to set up The Cursed Grove for Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a good use in letting stories rest between drafts, but I’m inclined to work on the issues I’m already aware of in Fang Marsh, and let it rest after that.

First of all, I’m changing the title, which I’ve known all along that I would. It’s going to be The Ice Witch of Fang Marsh. The title character is based on one from an RPG who was The Ice Witch. Yes, like The Batman, everyone knew her as The Ice Witch. Although Meven is not exactly the same character, the name/title has a good ring and I’d like to keep that.

Meven herself will be a main focus of this revision. Her character is kind of all over the place. The original Ice Witch was actually not icy, but funny and snarky. Meven spends too much time being scared and emotionally shut in. I plan to organize her and create a nice arc from the anxious fugitive to the confident and sarcastic Ice Witch I knew and loved.

Her foundling, currently named Elldry, is going to be called something with a stronger rhythm. With find-and-replace, that will be an easy fix. His personal arc will also be firmed up, but doesn’t need as much work as Meven’s.

Finally, there is currently a distinct lack of fangs in Fang Marsh. The previous two Minstrels of Skaythe novels each featured some sort of giant creature. They just pop, you know? So I will be looking to add a confrontation with something big and fanged, which will deepen the relationship between Meven and her hopeful boyfriend, Shonn, as they both save Elldry from it.

All that in two weeks? No sweat! *sarcasm*

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