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Lyndi Alexander joins us with her character Daven Talvi, from her urban fantasy series, Clan Elves of the Bitterroot.

Daven Talvi paused on the uppermost step, surveying the crowded room before him. The music was beautiful, but too loud. His mountain forests were quiet, filled with natural sounds. But he’d lost his chance at the hand of the young elf queen. He’d lost his mate. He was lonely. He’d accepted the invitation to the ball in hopes of lifting his spirits and, if he was very lucky, to find a new partner to share his years. He straightened his dark green cape and proceeded down the stairs, asking the first single lady he found to dance.

Character Questions

Are you an insider or an outsider in your homeland? Interesting question, and I’m not sure how to answer. My people are wood elves living in the forests of Montana. A war 25 human years ago forced our clan to make some difficult choices. I was specially chosen to go into a suspended state, with a number of brethren, to await a better time. During this time, I lost my mate and missed watching my son grow to adulthood. Now that I have been revived, I’m the same age as my son and his friends, which is very awkward for us. The world now is very different than it was, so I feel like an outsider a lot of the time.

What kind of house do you live in? Our clan doesn’t live in “houses,” as you humans think of it. We have constructed magical platforms in the forest, high above the ground, where our families live in communal happiness. The branches shelter us from the elements, and the platforms and supports are not visible to anyone not tuned to elven magic. So, if you’re walking in the woods one day and think you hear a bit of conversation, or childish laughter—you may be in clan territory!

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? I didn’t really “choose” urban fantasy. I tend to begin with a story idea—in this case, what happens when a cynical barista finds a glass slipper on the sidewalk and her friend dares her to try it on—and then since it was fantasy set in modern times in Missoula, Montana, voila! Urban fantasy.

Do you have a regular critique group, and how do you connect with them? For many years, I was a member of Pennwriters, a supportive authors’ group in PA. Our local Erie group was called Fellowship of the Quill, meeting weekly for coffee and critiques. These amazing folks helped me launch a dozen books over the 1990s and 2000s. Then I moved to Asheville, NC, and lost touch with them, and writing came very slowly. Last year—and this is the only good thing that came of 2020 for me—they went to a ZOOM format, and I could once again connect with them. Since then, I’ve finished three manuscripts, two of which are published and one awaiting contract. The group is so good because members come from various professions, like lawyers, police, teachers, etc., and so not only do we get input on our writing, but also can ask questions on facts and how-does-this-happen? Sort of things. They’re going back to meeting in person this summer, but hope to incorporate a ZOOM component into their live meetings so we can all continue to share.

The Elf Queen

When Jelani tries on a real glass slipper left lying on the sidewalk, it splits in half and out pours dozens of two-inch high creatures who scurry away into the shadows. As if that’s not bizarre enough, she is soon approached by two men claiming (of all things) to be elves who need her help to rescue their queen.

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About the Author

Lyndi Alexander dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others. She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida. Her list of publications is eclectic, from science fiction to romance to horror, from tech reporting to television reviews. She’s a single mother of seven with two children on the autism spectrum, a quilter, a gardener, and woman of all trades. When she has time, she blogs on a variety of subjects, including autism, science fiction and life at http://awalkabout.wordpress.com

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