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From the moment a technology develops, it seems that some enterprising soul finds a way to use it in perpetuating some sort of hoax or scam.

Modern taxidermy allowed the creation of Feejee Mermaids, which were widely displayed in circus sideshows. Actually, they were created when the upper half of a small monkey was sewn together with the back half of a suitably sized fish.

Photography has spawned any number of hoax techniques. Double exposures appeared to show ghostly visitations, and paper props allegedly captured fairy visits. Pie plates were passed off as UFOs. As photography evolved into primarily a digital form, and the Internet flourishes, new and better hoaxes can be passed around with the speed of a mouse-click.

For some reason, Tibet has emerged as a hotbed of dragon hoaxes. In 2004, a photographer in an airplane over the Tibetan Himalayas claimed to have captured images of two dragons flying. In the most widely circulated photo, you can see what are claimed to be the dragons’ tails. Although evocative, these objects may have been cloud formations, or a glacier seen from above.

Then, just last month, a video went viral. It claimed to show a dragon that had fallen from the sky in Tibet. Cool! But, a hoax. The dragon was a realistic sculpture created for a Spanish television show. Cuarto Milenio is a reality show/documentary hybrid that attempts to explain various mysteries and legends. Apparently, they did an episode on dragon lore and someone got clever with the props.

Despite the hoax, I would totally watch that show on Netflix… if only I understood Spanish.

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