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One of my ongoing projects has been to update and improve my basement library. It’s wall-to-wall shelves, but it had been turned into a junk room and then a long-term guest room. Now that the guest is gone, I’m anxious to make sure it doesn’t turn back into a junk room. This requires bringing in some modest furnishings and lighting, so you can actually read down there.

As part of this, I’m in the midst of some long-overdue organizing and alphabetizing. If you’re interested, I’m posting status photos on Instagram. Anyway, it’s a lot of work, but it also brings back memories of books I collected in the past. They reflect my interests — one might even say obsessions — since the early 1980s. Wow, that’s a long time! Among the topics I’ve unearthed:

Knights and Medieval history generally. I was into the SCA for years, until I could no longer afford the membership. (Plus, the politics were killing me.) At least some of it is still useful as research material for my fantasy novels.

Fairies in story and art. I must have three different-sized editions of Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies poetry books. There’s quite a bit of Rackham and Froud in there, too. I also found a few vintage fairy stories in used book shops. Edwardian fairy stories are their own strange and beautiful thing.

Comics, anime and graphic novels. Remember when the first graphic novels were released, and they were in that big 11×17 size? There were even science fiction magazines that tried to make it in graphic novel format. I know, because we have their back issues.

Photography was my husband’s passion. Although the career he hoped for never panned out, we have both how-to books and fine art photography books. I would suggest he prune these, but then he might point a finger at my fairy books.

Seriously, we’re both overdue for a serious weeding-out. But how can I know what to part with, unless I read them over again? I can see my Goodreads challenge is going to be big this year!

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