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Whitby is a seaside village in Yorkshire, England. This picturesque town has long been a favorite of tourists and vacationers, but centuries ago it had a much more sinister inhabitant.

You see, a dragon (or wyrm) lived in the mountain overlooking the town. The mighty beast was quite content with its domination of the countryside, but the people cried out to be saved from its cruel whims. A group of Benedictine monks responded by building an abbey in the village of Whitby, around the time of William the Conqueror.

Needless to say, the dragon did not take kindly to this intrusion in its affairs. Before construction was complete, the wyrm attacked and tried to destroy the abbey, but the prayers of the monks were stronger. The wyrm was banished to the deep sea, where it nursed its grievance. Every seven years, it’s said, the beast creeps up to the shore and tears at the rocks, trying to bring the abbey down.

The abbey was disbanded and partly demolished during the reign of Henvy VIII. The site was further damaged by shelling during WW I. Yet even its ruins still retain their power. The Whitby Wyrm is forever exiled from its mountain home.

P.S. — According to vampire lore, Bram Stoker was vacationing in Whitby when the sight of its dramatic ruins inspired him to write his most famous book, Dracula. Vampire exhibits and merchandise are a big part of Whitby tourism today.

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