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Goals! Yes, I have some, although after the past few years I’m starting to feel like that’s just asking for trouble. A lot of these goals are sort of my usual, but formed in a specific way so that I can have firm markers for progress.

Publishing Goals: I plan to finish writing The Tale of the Drakanox, which already is well under way. If possible, I will publish it in May. Once that’s in the bag, I hope to collect novellas 4-6 into a paperback edition, as I did with 1-3. That would hopefully be out by Christmas. We shall see. For my short work, the goal is to submit them to at least 5 markets before giving up on them. (Assuming there are 5 markets to submit to. Often my work is between genres in a way that makes paying markets scarce.)

Publicity Goals: My books sell best when I do personal appearances, so I intend to make at least three of them. Usually I go for six, but with the way Covid cancels things, three might even be pushing it. One of the three will definitely be Queen Titania’s Court.

Painful Goal: Get back the rights to some of my already-published novels. Promises have been made and broken, and I’ve been patient, but the publisher has clearly changed directions and will not be able to support me further.

Anyway, at some point you might hear me yelling GOALLLL! and then you will know why.

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