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As the music fades and the last guests depart, Queen Titania relaxes on her throne. This evening was a personal and diplomatic accomplishment. So many attended the Grand Ball! Some are casual visitors, others whose friendship will grow and deepen with time. Perhaps the connections forged this evening will even prevent a war or two.

Already a host of brownies and other sprites appear and begin the process of clearing away leftovers and removing the most precious relics for safekeeping. This festival hall, with its connection to so many realms, can only exist for a few glorious hours. Soon the tides of magic and nature will dissolve it back to its mundane state.

Until then, the glow of her triumph lights the hall better than any sun.

This is where I thank all of you for making Queen Titania’s Court such a wonderful success. We had more authors this year, and I appreciate every one of you. Especially those who didn’t know me and took a chance on a stranger’s promise of free publicity. I am especially grateful to everyone who reposted or retweeted the blog. You all made this so much fun.

I hope you all reap the rewards of your effort, whatever that means to you. Perhaps a few books sold, or new followers for your own blog, or just a chance to talk shop with new friends.

Thank you so much. I hope to see you again in 2022!

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Today we conclude with Berisan, the main character in my most recent e-book, The Renegade of Opshar.

Berisan stepped cautiously from the mouth of a rocky tunnel. He had been working in the overhang beneath Weeping Falls, gathering the plentiful moss, when he felt a sudden, cool breeze. Haunting music and enticing aromas swirled around him, rich with unmistakable currents of magic. Instead of the jumbled rocks where moss grew, he now saw a tunnel — one that had never been there before.

There were many traps in Skaythe. A mage had to be careful. Yet Berisan sensed no malice in the harmonies that called to him. After a moment, he set down his moss basket and ventured through the stony portal. Soon the tunnel opened up, and wonders spread before him. Was it a vast cavern, or a woodland glade? He couldn’t have said, for it was filled with shimmering color and light.

Blinking, he focused on men and women, some dressed in glittering finery and others in plain working clothes. Many were as small as his hand, buzzing on translucent wings. One or two were great and craggy as trees come to life. Moving among them were strange beasts such as Berisan could never have imagined. Furred, winged, horned… And some of the humans were also horned or furred, or strangely light-skinned! Yet most appeared nearly normal, until you sensed the power that each one of them emitted.

Lilting music caught his ear. Half a dozen players made the melodies, stepping in and out as the mood took them. A multitude danced in this great hall, yet there was no sense of crowding and no tension between them. At the far end, a radiant woman sat on a throne of living whitewood. All the magic he sensed circulated around her. She did not try to control its course, but balanced it into perfect serenity.

Of all the wonders, this was the most incredible. Everywhere, Berisan felt the pulse of magic. It was not hidden, as it must be in Skaythe, but joyously accepted. If this was a dream, it was wonderful indeed.

Character Questions

Who is your closest friend? My closest friends are a minstrel troupe. My brother Alemin and I juggle, Tisha dances and Meven gives puppet plays, while Keilos and Lorrah provide the music. Secretly, we are all mages. Once, we were the apprentices of Ar-Thea, a kind and loving mage who trained us to use our magic with compassion instead of rage and malice. She was killed by Dar-Gothull‛s vicious regime. Since then we travel, disguised as minstrels, to resist his brutal reign.

In your homeland, is magic feared or respected? It is both. On the surface, mages are greatly respected. Because of their magic, they are considered natural leaders. Mages have great wealth and political power. But Dar-Gothull‛s way teaches that only the strongest deserve to keep their riches, so there is constant fighting among the mages. The common people suffer as their battles overflow the land. So even as they show outward obedience, they also carry great hatred for their cruel masters.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? To be honest, I‛m not sure I even know my genre. I say ‟high fantasy‟ because it deals with political and philosophical movements. At the same time, I‛m constantly questioning the assumptions that underlie fantasy, such as solving all problems through warfare. My work tends to be more personal, involving individuals and close families rather than having an epic scale. So people who think fantasy is all about knights and kings and grand battles may find my stories an odd fit. Still, there doesn‛t seem to be a better fit than ‟high fantasy.‟

Where is your favorite place for writing? I‛m one of those people who writes by habit, at the same time every day. I have an office where all my stuff is, and I spend about two hours in the evenings either directly composing new material or handling e-mails, my blog, and similar chores that support my career.

The Renegade of Opshar

All Berisan wants is a place to hide. The insignificant village of Opshar seems like a perfect haven. Disguised as a beggar, he can lie low and evade the brutal hunter-guards. But Berisan isn‛t the only one with secrets.

Widowed and pregnant, Yamaya struggles to hold the farm she and her husband built, but she can‛t escape her sordid past. In desperation, she hires the one person who hasn‛t taken a side in Opshar‛s murky politics — the beggar, Sand.

Common sense tells Berisan to walk away, but his code as a minstrel compels him to help Yamaya if he can. Soon he faces a decision that challenges every principle he holds. Will he give up the safety of his secrets, or allow another to suffer in his place?

Get it now from Amazon or Books2Read!

About Deby Fredericks

Deby Fredericks has been a writer all her life, but thought of it as just a fun hobby until the late 1990s. She sold her first work, a children’s poem, in 2000. She has six novels in print through two small presses. Her short fiction has appeared in the pages of Andromeda Spaceways, Boys’ Life, and others. Currently she is self-publishing her high fantasy novella series, Minstrels of Skaythe. She also blogs twice a week here at Wyrmflight.

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Today we’re joined by Jamie Sands, whose character Sebastian Black stars in the witchy fiction tale, Overdues and Occultism.

Character Questions

Who is your closest friend? My closest friend is my boyfriend, Basil. He’s a witch! It’s so freaking cool, like, I’d spent all these years trying to discover the truth and then there he was just like, putting salt on the doors and stuff. Wild. He’s a librarian and we both really love mysteries and food. Hopefully someday soon we can travel overseas together — maybe to Japan?

What kind of house do you live in? I live in Basil’s house, which is a cottage, really. It’s from over a hundred years ago and it has lots of history to it. It’s in Mt. Eden, which is a little village in Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city. It’s kind of part of the city but it’s sort of its own community as well, really nice area, lots of trees and flowers and good food. Plus a great book shop.

Author Questions

How do you know that your story is ready for submission/publication? I try very hard not to hold onto things too long, I am not a perfectionist and I’d rather something was out in the world with an error or two than sitting in my folders gathering dust. I generally go through at least two edits, and one of those might be a good deep dev edit, and then I say “that’s good enough”… and then I give it to my proofreader to fix. Then it goes out for publication.

Why do you write? I have so many stories in my head I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t write. I love the act of writing (sometimes, when it’s flowing), and I love people’s feedback on my writing. I love knowing that my ideas are out there in the world. I write hopeful stories for queer people a lot of the time, so I like to imagine I’m bring someone who needs it comfort.

Overdues and Occultism

A witch in the broom closet probably shouldn’t be so interested in a ghost hunter, right? That Basil is a librarian comes as no surprise to his Mt. Eden community. That he’s a witch? Yeah. That might raise more than a few eyebrows. When Sebastian, a paranormal investigator filming a web series, starts snooping around Basil’s library, he stirs up more than just Basil’s heart. Between Basil’s own self-doubt, a ghost who steals books, and Sebastian, an enthusiastic extrovert bent on uncovering secrets, Basil’s life is about to get a lot more complicated.

Overdues and Occultism is a novella-length story featuring ghosts, witches, and a sweet gay romance. It’s part of the Witchy Fiction project of New Zealand authors. You can read more about Sebastian and Basil in Jingle Spells: Witchy Christmas Stories. 

To purchase

About Jamie Sands

Jamie is a non-binary, pansexual kiwi who’s always been wondering ‘what if?’ They write stories about ghosts, monsters, magic, love and how the world could be. Jamie grew up in Wellington but now lives in Auckland with their wonderful spouse and a round cat.

My website and socials:

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Please welcome author Robert Dahlen and his character, Alice Peavley, from the Steampunk fantasy series, Peavley Manor.

As I stood in front of Queen Titania’s palace, fidgeting with my sleeveless, high-collared, ruffled scarlet gown, I was already regretting the tight yet stylish black heels I’d chosen to wear. I’ve never been a fan of fancy dress balls. It seems like a great deal of effort to make oneself as elegant as possible to spend an evening with people who, under normal circumstances, would lie to you when asked for the time of day. When I had mentioned this to Macalley as he drove me to the palace he had, again, reminded me that I was there to present my town of Darbyfield in a positive light. Therefore, mocking or avoiding the other attendees was frowned upon; no matter how menacing, snobbish, or rich they were, they would all be star-struck by me, Alice Peavley. They would hear the tales of my misadventures, laugh in the proper places, and look into conducting business deals down the road. Thus, I was obligated to mingle. I squared up my shoulders and walked towards the entrance, sliding the invitation from my purse, hoping that at some point I could find a quiet corner to sit in and remove these blasted shoes for a bit, or at least several glasses of wine to take my mind off my soon to be aching feet.

Character Questions

Who is your closest friend? I could never limit this to just one! There’s Priscilla, my old college chum. There’s Vyne, who makes those delicious preserves and has me over for a weekly chat. Clarinda, the town librarian, has become quite dear to me. And though Macalley is in my employ, he has been a true source of guidance and support for me.

Are there intelligent races other than yours, and do they get along? There are quite a few non-human peoples in the lands around the Crescent Sea. They mostly get along. Mostly. Dwarves and gnomes do have their old grudges, though they almost never erupt into tavern brawls. Elves, or at least those in the upper classes, look down on everyone who isn’t an elf. Pixies deride all non-pixies, goblins get mocked by everyone else, trolls get furious at anyone who does them wrong, and no one’s quite sure what to make of sprites.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? It actually chose me, for the Peavley Manor series. The inspiration struck when I had the idea of combining Wodehouse-style comedy of manners with steampunk; when I came up with the main characters, Alice and Macalley, I realized that fantasy also needed to be
part of the mix.

Why do you write? I love crafting stories and sharing them with the world.

Peavley Manor

Alice Peavley was a sales clerk in a book shop, until her rich uncle left her his estate in his will. She moves to the manor, meets her new tenants and neighbors, and adjusts to life in the eccentric town of Darbyfield with the help of her valet, a sardonic gnome named Macalley. Alice gets mixed up in misadventures involving a concert gone askew, a chaotic baking competition, and a mischievous squatter, but there is a more sinister plot afoot to steal her land and her fortune. Can Alice get to the bottom of the conspiracy and save Peavley Manor? Find out in this comedy of manners, mayhem and magic!

Purchase from Amazon or Books2Read.

The Author

Robert Dahlen hails from Northern California. He is an author who specializes in tales with a dollop of fantasy, a splash of steampunk, a swirl of humor, and a sprinkle of heart, resulting in delightful concoctions. His most recent creation is the Peavley Manor series, featuring heiress Alice Peavley, her gnome valet Macalley, and their friends, foes, and misadventures. There are two books available — the novel Peavley Manor and Tales Of Peavley Manor, a collection of four novelettes — and more are (slowly) in the works. His other stories include Copper Cove, featuring crafter Tabitha Miles, and the airship pirate novella Skyblade’s Gambit. You can sample his writing at peavleymanor.com and follow him on Twitter at @monkeyqueenbks.

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Today we’re joined by Sheryl R. Hayes, with her urban fantasy, Chaos Wolf. Seems like her character, Jordan Abbey, is in a truly “hairy” situation.

Jordan Abbey paused at the entrance to the great hall. She didn’t think she would have the chance to wear this green silk mermaid dress and matching heels again, given the tendency for vampires to dress their servants in a different finery each time they gathered. She closed her brown eyes, drawing in a deep breath and squaring her shoulders. “Just like when Montgomery introduced you to Elder Marcus.” And just like when she met the vampire ruling the city of Rancho Robles, she stepped into the hall with a confidence she didn’t feel.

Character Questions

Are there intelligent races other than yours, and do they get along? Well, there are humans, which I used to be one until that werewolf bit me. I didn’t even know they were real, let alone one was stalking me. Montgomery, the vampire who saw it happen, should have either left me to my fate or handed me over to the Black Oak Pack. Instead, he took me in and offered to help me. Very unusual since vampires and werewolves can’t stand each other.

Are you an insider or an outsider in your homeland? Definitely an outsider. Most of the vampires think I’m a threat and some sort of sleeper agent for the Black Oak Pack. The werewolves think I’m insane for rejecting a place in the pack and choosing to live with a vampire. Plus I have a steep learning curve for both cultures since humans don’t know that they are real.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? I’ve enjoyed reading urban fantasy stories. But the one thing that frustrated me is that while vampires and werewolves did not like each other, no book I read ever delved into why. I decided that I wanted to tell that story, and it made sense to do it in a modern setting.

Why do you write? I’ve always told stories since I was a child. Mostly I told them to myself, until I discovered fanfiction. From there I branched out into original fiction. So I’m still telling stories to a different audience.

Chaos Wolf

Bitten by a werewolf. Taught by a vampire. At this rate, she’s going to start a war. Literature major Jordan Abbey ordered a double mocha latte, but it wasn’t supposed to come with a side order bite by a love-sick werewolf. When a vampire comes to her rescue, gut instinct tells her he has questionable motives. But he’s the only one she can trust to help get in touch with her inner animal. Within a week, her smart mouth lands her in trouble with the hostile Alpha of the local pack and the stiff-necked vampire Elder. She now has less than a moon cycle to master shape changing… or else. And the besotted werewolf who started this whole mess is stalking Jordan and killing her friends. He won’t take no for an answer. In the Northern California town of Rancho Robles, where the children of the Wolf and the Bat share an uneasy coexistence, one woman makes an epic mess of the status quo.

To purchase

About Sheryl R. Hayes

Sheryl R. Hayes can be found untangling plot threads or the yarn her cats have been playing with. In addition to writing, she is a cosplayer focusing on knit and crochet costumes and works full time at a Bay Area water company.

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For those who are more hands-on, Alden Loveshade joins us with his character Lemissa, from GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves. This is a role-playing supplement for the GURPS system (Fourth Edition). The book is currently in pre-release, so the cover presented here is from a previous GURPS book.

Lemissa felt flustered. She absentmindedly finger-twirled her long red hair in circles, wondering where on Earth — or whatever world — was her cousin?

“Okay, I can do this by myself, sure,” she thought. “I survived that killer whale fiasco, made that elf lord laugh when I tripped on his cloud, and danced at that ball where nobody but me knew that human noble was really a dragon. I can do this.” She smoothed her red, short flounce-skirted dress, and curtseyed in front of the throne.

Character Questions

Who is your closest friend? A bigger question, Queenie — I mean your Majesty, sorry! — is where is my closest friend? Cousin Leyim is the one who usually makes these reports to the Cabal. She’s our by-the-book half; I mostly wing it. I’m the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants half.

Are there intelligent races other than yours, and do they get along? Intelligent races? Oh, you mean of the elves, the real ones. These aren’t my real ears, of course, but we had to blend in. So we got our ears temporarily sharpened.

Let’s see. You’ve got your Standard Elves, but we found three different types of them, so I guess that’s not very standard! Oh, and there’s Wood Elves besides that. They’re all foresty.

Then there’s two different types of Dark Elves, although Leyim thinks they aren’t different races than Standard Elves, just different cultures. I don’t know; they seem very different to me! In any case, they don’t like non-elves.

Mountain Elves usually live on mountains and hills, of course, and Deep Elves like living under the mountains in caves, just like Dwarves. There’s two different kinds of Sea Elves you can also find in caves–if those caves are underwater! But they mostly live in underwater communities. They can bob on the surface, so watch out for their sea bows!

Oh, and High Elves? They aren’t high in the sense of mountains, but kind of high-and-mighty acting. They’re usually not the merry type; they’re more serious and mysterious. If you ask me, though, Shadow Elves are even more mysterious; even many other elves aren’t too comfortable around them.

Oh, if you want to get really high, there’s Sky Elves who live in clouds! And there’s Winged Elves who can fly up and visit them! And elves of several types are even higher, and live in space!

Of course where elves and other races meet you can get Half-Elves! There’s more than one type of human-elf cross, but I can’t even begin to tell you how many possible varieties there are. You can even have crosses of different types of elves, but I haven’t met any of them–yet!

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? In this case, I didn’t have to choose! GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves is a roleplaying resource book that can be used in any fantasy genre–or in horror, science fiction, wild west, steampunk, etc. While the elven racial templates and some of the elven items are written in GURPS roleplaying game terms, much of the book can be used for any roleplaying game that includes elves. It deals with elves in literature and, according to some believers, real life. It describes elven cultures, languages, arts and sciences, weapons, garden agriculture, and descriptions of all the races of elves Lemissa named.

How do you know that your story is ready for submission/publication? As GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves is being written under contract, I’ll know when the editor tells me so! I first made a query with Steve Jackson Games. When that was accepted, I made a proposal, then an outline, then a first draft, then a second draft which is undergoing playtest/peer review. That leads to my making changes and improvements based on editor and reader suggestions for the final draft. Then publication!

It’s rare that an author gets that much valuable input. I certainly made some mistakes along the way, primarily with formatting. Fortunately, SJ Games has very patient and helpful people. Steve Jackson Games has wanted this book for a long time. I have too. I just didn’t know I’d have the honor of being the one to write it!

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves

Watch for the official release here.

About Alden Loveshade

Alden is a self-proclaimed “keybard.” He wrote his first professionally published piece when he was 16; it mentions the world’s most famous elf. A professional journalist, columnist, reviewer, playwright, and fiction author, in his spare time he practices elven garden agriculture. While not working, he earned a couple of college degrees and received an honorary one he didn’t earn. A lord of Sealand, he denies any rumors he got his title through leading a sea elf revolt. http://alden.loveshade.org

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Lyndi Alexander joins us with her character Daven Talvi, from her urban fantasy series, Clan Elves of the Bitterroot.

Daven Talvi paused on the uppermost step, surveying the crowded room before him. The music was beautiful, but too loud. His mountain forests were quiet, filled with natural sounds. But he’d lost his chance at the hand of the young elf queen. He’d lost his mate. He was lonely. He’d accepted the invitation to the ball in hopes of lifting his spirits and, if he was very lucky, to find a new partner to share his years. He straightened his dark green cape and proceeded down the stairs, asking the first single lady he found to dance.

Character Questions

Are you an insider or an outsider in your homeland? Interesting question, and I’m not sure how to answer. My people are wood elves living in the forests of Montana. A war 25 human years ago forced our clan to make some difficult choices. I was specially chosen to go into a suspended state, with a number of brethren, to await a better time. During this time, I lost my mate and missed watching my son grow to adulthood. Now that I have been revived, I’m the same age as my son and his friends, which is very awkward for us. The world now is very different than it was, so I feel like an outsider a lot of the time.

What kind of house do you live in? Our clan doesn’t live in “houses,” as you humans think of it. We have constructed magical platforms in the forest, high above the ground, where our families live in communal happiness. The branches shelter us from the elements, and the platforms and supports are not visible to anyone not tuned to elven magic. So, if you’re walking in the woods one day and think you hear a bit of conversation, or childish laughter—you may be in clan territory!

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? I didn’t really “choose” urban fantasy. I tend to begin with a story idea—in this case, what happens when a cynical barista finds a glass slipper on the sidewalk and her friend dares her to try it on—and then since it was fantasy set in modern times in Missoula, Montana, voila! Urban fantasy.

Do you have a regular critique group, and how do you connect with them? For many years, I was a member of Pennwriters, a supportive authors’ group in PA. Our local Erie group was called Fellowship of the Quill, meeting weekly for coffee and critiques. These amazing folks helped me launch a dozen books over the 1990s and 2000s. Then I moved to Asheville, NC, and lost touch with them, and writing came very slowly. Last year—and this is the only good thing that came of 2020 for me—they went to a ZOOM format, and I could once again connect with them. Since then, I’ve finished three manuscripts, two of which are published and one awaiting contract. The group is so good because members come from various professions, like lawyers, police, teachers, etc., and so not only do we get input on our writing, but also can ask questions on facts and how-does-this-happen? Sort of things. They’re going back to meeting in person this summer, but hope to incorporate a ZOOM component into their live meetings so we can all continue to share.

The Elf Queen

When Jelani tries on a real glass slipper left lying on the sidewalk, it splits in half and out pours dozens of two-inch high creatures who scurry away into the shadows. As if that’s not bizarre enough, she is soon approached by two men claiming (of all things) to be elves who need her help to rescue their queen.

To purchase

About the Author

Lyndi Alexander dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others. She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida. Her list of publications is eclectic, from science fiction to romance to horror, from tech reporting to television reviews. She’s a single mother of seven with two children on the autism spectrum, a quilter, a gardener, and woman of all trades. When she has time, she blogs on a variety of subjects, including autism, science fiction and life at http://awalkabout.wordpress.com

Have you read one of my books? Then it would be great for you to leave a review! Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about me and my work, check out my web siteFacebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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Sanan Kolva is getting in on the fun with her character Alistar, from her Steampunk fantasy series, The Silverline Chronicles.

Envoy to Queen Titania’s court was not usually an assignment for an engineer. However, given recent events in the capital, Alistar knew why Prince Cero chose him for the task. The prince had to send someone he could trust, and at the moment, his options were limited — especially someone with the proper noble bloodline. All of which led to the elven prince sending a human engineer to the court of the fairy queen. He wore his finest court suit, styled after a traditional naval dress uniform — an acknowledgement of his family lineage. Prince Cero’s insignia, a blooming flower wreathed in fire, was pinned to his chest in place of other medals he might bear. Despite the oddness of the situation, or perhaps because of it, Alistar smiled as he entered the ball, ready to greet the queen, her court, and his fellow guests.

Character Questions

If you could have any career, what would you choose? My career of choice is the one I am currently in: a magical power engineer. Following this path went firmly against the wishes of my family, especially my mother, who wished to see me become a sea captain and follow the family tradition as a privateer.

In your homeland, is magic feared or respected? Magic is respected, as any powerful force should be. Some people do fear the work that Prince Cero and Silverline Power Cooperative do, just as they fear the advances in technology that inevitably develop when magic is accessible to everyone, not just a select, elite few. However, the majority embrace the changes and the improvements to their quality of life.

Author Questions

Where is your favorite place for writing? At home, in my study. I have my reference materials and my cats close at hand, and find it easy to get into the zone for writing there.

Do you have a regular critique group, and how do you connect with them? I have a critique group that meets twice a month. Prior to 2020, we met in person at a local restaurant. During the pandemic, we’ve been meeting electronically via Discord and emailing our comments after the discussions.


Privateer turned engineer Alistar left his family’s fleets to serve as an engineer for Silverline Power in the capital city of Lewarden, working with the magical network that feeds the city’s industry and growth. As both a human and an outsider, he successfully avoids being drawn into the tangled chaos of elven-dominated court politics. However, when theft and sabotage in the depths of winter threaten to destroy Silverline and the web of magic that powers the city, risking not only his chosen work but also the lives of thousands, Alistar’s neutrality earns him the politically delicate investigation into the source of the problem. His only ally is the elven thief Onyxflame, imprisoned for his own crimes against Silverline and conscripted with the promise of a pardon. They must form an uneasy partnership and navigate treacherous political waters to resolve the situation before unrest, rivalry, and distrust plunges the city into civil war.

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About Sanan Kolva

Sanan Kolva is a technical editor by day, and writer of epic and steampunk fantasy the rest of the time. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spears series and The Silverline Chronicles. Her short fiction appears in a number of anthologies. When not writing, she enjoys baking and decorating cakes, as well as appeasing her feline overlords. She can be found at https://sanankolva.com.

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Today we welcome author Charles Yallowitz and his character, master vampire Clyde, from the series War of Nytefall.

An imposing gentleman pauses at the top of the staircase. He is garbed all in black, a short sleeved shirt and trousers, except for a flowing crimson cape that does not appear quite attached to his shirt. Wisps of crimson rise from his skin, creating an aura of sinister power. Darting eyes take in the glittering assembly of fey creatures, assessing their might compared to his own. He nods a brief appreciation of the sumptuous ballroom and its furnishings. It would be good to “acquire” something expensive back for Mab, his consort. It also gives him something to think about besides the discomfort at having to behave like a diplomat instead of a vampiric warlord.

Character Questions

Are you an insider or an outsider in your homeland? That’s a more complicated question than I realized because I’m technically both. As a vampire, I’m an outsider in the eyes of most of civilization. People are afraid I’ll eat them, which is understandable. Yet, I’m also an insider since vampires have their own shadow society. Well, I’m kind of an outsider in there too since I’m a Dawn Fang. Guess I’m only an insider when it comes to the kingdom of Nytefall, which I rule over. That’s rather sad.

Has your homeland known long periods of war or of peace? What has this meant for people living there? Let’s say my homeland is Nytefall for the purpose of this question. We’ve only known war because everyone has wanted to kill Dawn Fangs since they emerged. The other vampires want us dead because they fear being replaced at the top of the food chain. Those who follow the Sun God want us destroyed since that’s their thing. You have vampire hunters, various monsters, rogue Dawn Fangs, and other enemies as well. All my people have known is war, which is why we hold out hope that we can know peace one day. That’s the reason we fight or hide. It’s all to achieve the goal of perfect unity with our mortal neighbors. Yeah . . . That sounded regal and leader-like. I think I’m getting the hang of this ruler gig.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? In the case of War of Nytefall, it was by accident that it became vampire fantasy. Originally, I had my main fantasy series and a separate vampire series on Earth. As I began sorting through my story ideas, more of them were being swallowed by my fantasy world of Windemere. The adventures of Clyde were moved over as an experiment to see if the Dawn Fang vampires functioned better in a fantasy setting. Magic filled in all of the plot holes I had been suffering with for years. I had to give up motorcycles, chainsaws, and modern skyscrapers, but the series was finally solid.

Why do you write? I write because it’s what I enjoy doing. It helps me relax and gives me a chance to escape reality for a while. My hope is to create something that will give readers the same sense of escapism that I feel when I’m writing. When I was younger, I thought my stories could help make the world a less stressful place. Now, I’d be happy to bring a smile to even one person who is having a bad day.

War of Nytefall: Savagery

For the first time in over a century, Clyde will know what it means to feel powerless and weak. Headless bodies appearing across Windemere is only the beginning as Clyde faces the terrifying vampire hunter, Alastyre.  Able to match the Dawn Fang leader in power and ferocity, this new menace shows no signs of weakness or mercy.  With both friends and enemies getting dragged into the battle, Clyde will have to find a way to become stronger.  For that, he will have to accept an ancient challenge and pray that those he cares about and trusts can hold Alastyre at bay. Which monster of Windemere will claim the top of the food chain?

Author Charles Yallowitz

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More about the series

About Charles E. Yallowitz Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn’t working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. Truthfully, his tales of adventure are much more interesting than his real life, so skip the bio and dive into the action.

Have you read one of my books? Then it would be great for you to leave a review! Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about me and my work, check out my web siteFacebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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Sam Schenk is visiting today, with their character Greg Able, from the contemporary witchy fantasy, A Gap in the Veil.

Character Questions

Is there somewhere that people are completely forbidden to go? Well…you can’t cross the highway without an overpass! The police office… It’s bad manners to try and hop onto a fire truck? Sneaking into Parliament seems to be a bad idea. Down the sewers… I guess that’s not forbidden, but eesh… Those pipes have seen better days! No, but seriously, most of the grounds here in New Zealand are pretty laid back. Unless you look like you’re up to no good, most people will give you a wave and a smile.

What kind of house do you live in? It’s an unusual kind of house. It was probably a villa at some point, built around the 1930s. It’s got a long pathway to get up, so I think there must have been a need for wheelchair access at some point. It’s got two stories, a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, and three bedrooms and the rest of the facilities on the ground floor. It doesn’t really have much yard space because it’s got a major road beside it. It’s a bit run down, gotta say. I really should do some maintenance on it at some point, maybe when I get back from my trip.

Author Questions

Fantasy has many genres. How did you choose yours? I go where the wind takes me — sometimes there will be something interesting about the real world, but more often I try to distance my characters from the real world as much as possible. This is the first time I’ve tried to write something set in a real place, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. I’m planning a short story based around a stream near where I live at the moment — I think it might have opened a floodgate!

Are writing contests a fun change of pace for you, or do they distract you? I wish I could say I had pace! Yes, they’re distracting, but any fun distraction which leads to writing is a good one. I love doing character exploration and playing with words and concepts! Unfortunately, my weakness is in the polishing, and contests don’t really allow for a practice of that smooth finish.

A Gap in the Veil

As a mechanic, Greg can fix just about anything — except his broken heart. He finds solace in witchcraft, solving problems for ghosts instead of looking closer to home. When a visiting musician dials up the charm after a gig in town, Greg’s life looks to be taking a turn for the better. His plans to keep things simple between them are complicated by the awakening of a spirit bent on corruption. Greg must make choices between moving on or taking the fight to a whole new level and save Wellington from a past it had almost forgotten.

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About Sam Schenk

I was born in Canada, raised in Texas, and matured in New Zealand, where I’ve lived for the past 20 years. I’m a business analyst by day, a mum, writer, and gamer by night.

I love speculative fiction, particularly dystopia, transhumanism, and anything that normalises the rainbow and outside the normal curve of humanity. I’m a sci-fi and fantasy nerd, and love anything that explores life outside of the modern-day.

My first publication came out on March 1st, A Gap in the Veil, in association with Contemporary Witchy Fiction. It’s been amazing to be part of the New Zealand speculative fiction gang, and meeting some amazing writers. I’m looking at producing another part to the collection in the same universe, which will be middle grade.

Have you read one of my books? Then it would be great for you to leave a review! Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about me and my work, check out my web siteFacebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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